Waggy Tales Testimonials

Bibi, Gemma and Elizabeth

Owner Gemma joined BorrowMyDoggy with her Jackapoo, Bibi, and was so happy to find that there are people who’d love to walk dogs for free simply because it’s a lovely thing to do.

Borrower Elizabeth shares: “I benefit both physically and mentally - I get good exercise from all the walking and also it’s so relaxing walking with a dog. I’ve been a member of the gym for years, but I was the typical gym user in that I was paying for it and wasn’t using it. I wanted to do something outdoors, and I love dogs, so I thought BorrowMyDoggy was a great thing for me to do.”

About Bibi

  • Breed: Jackapoo
  • Owner: Gemma
  • Location: Farnham, Surrey

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