It's not too late to teach a dog new tricks
How-to7 February 2022Teaching a dog new tricks isn't as hard as you think!

It's not too late to teach a dog new tricks

Did you set yourself a New Year’s Resolution to train your dog more or teach them a new trick? Or has your motivation wavered since you felt inspired and you are thinking it would be easier to just give up and wait for next year? Don’t give up just yet!

We have lots of tricks and tips to help you get your motivation back and find the time to meet your goals. It doesn’t matter if you have just a few minutes a day or a couple of hours each weekend, there is no time like the present to get started. Don’t wait for next year to get going.

How to teach your dog the basics commands

How to teach your dog to come when called

Get your dog to come when called

You can implement this as part of your daily routine, as a weekly session or on your walks if there is a safe, enclosed space available. How long this takes for your dog to pick up will depend on your dog’s attention span and how long you can practice.

How to teach your dog to sit

Teach your dog to sit

Using a treat to convince your dog to sit is a quick and simple way to teach your dog to sit on command. Practice doing this a few times a day every day until they have it perfected!

How to teach your dog to stay

Teach your dog to stay

Once you have the ‘sit’ command mastered, you can move on to ‘stay’. Hyperactive dogs may find it hard to focus so make sure to use a high-value treat to motivate them.

How to solve existing problems

How to teach your dog to like bath time


Ensuring bath time is a calm and relaxing experience for your dog will prevent bath time from being something you dread. Lots of treats, kisses and gentle encouragement as well as a comfortable water temperature and washing them with a gentle shampoo that doesn’t irritate their skin will help improve bath time.

How to teach your dog to not snatch food

Snatching food

Implementing this training every time you give your dog a treat will help stop your dog from accidentally nibbling or biting your hand. This training technique is more simple than you think so check it out!

How to teach your dog not to pull on the lead

Lead pulling

This training technique is great fun for your dog and is easy to implement on every walk. You may find they are tricked into thinking this is a game.

How to teach your dog some fun tricks

How to teach your dog how to bow


Teaching your dog a fun trick can give them mental stimulation which is a great way to tire them out and bond with them.

How to teach your dog to hold something in their mouth

Hold an object in the mouth

This fun trick can lead to great things for you and your dog. Imagine them bringing you a book, a water bottle or anything else when you don’t feel like grabbing it yourself.

We hope these tips and tricks will help improve your dog’s skills and help your day to day life. Make sure to share with us any videos or pictures of you trying these out with your dog, borrowed or owned!

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