Celebrating your dog’s first Christmas
A pup with a Christmas hat on and a Christmas stocking covers his tummy and back

Celebrating your dog’s first Christmas

28 November 2022

This year, Christmas is extra special for some dog owners. That's because this December marks the first time their fuzzy friend will experience the festive season!

If you're not sure how to celebrate your dog's first Christmas, don't worry, we've got you covered with some tips on how to make the most of your pup's first visit from Santa Paws. From gift ideas to festive activities, we have everything you need to make this howliday season a memorable one for both you and your dog!


Get your dog a special Christmas-themed collar and lead

Give them their own stocking filled with treats and toys

Take them for walks in the snow

Play festive games like “find the treat" or "lucky dip”

Take plenty of photos of your dog's first Christmas

Peanut, the Chihuahua

Get your dog a special Christmas-themed collar and lead

As the holidays approach, you may be wondering how you can make this Christmas extra special for your pooch. Why not deck them out with a Christmassy collar and lead?

You can find lots of different holiday-themed designs, from reindeers to snowflakes; Santa Claus to Christmas trees. Outfitting your dog in festive fashion will not only make them look adorable, but it’ll help you both get into the holiday spirit.

Don’t fancy a new collar or lead? Why not take a look at our favourite dog Christmas bandanas!

Give them their own pawsome stocking filled with treats and toys

The holidays are a magical time for children (and adults!) and one of the best parts is waking up on Christmas morning to find a stocking filled with goodies.

If you have pets, why not include them in the fun too?!

You don’t have to spend a lot, and you can still hang a stocking for your BFF, filled with treats and toys. Your dog will love having their own special stocking.

So go ahead and check out our dog Christmas stocking ideas - they deserve it!

Jax, the Cavapoo

Take them for walks in the snow

As the snow begins to fall, a lot of people head indoors to escape the cold. But our inquisitive pups are a great motivator to get out and enjoy the winter weather.

Groot, the Labrador Retriever

Watching your pooch bound around in the fresh snow always puts a smile on our faces. And, being out in the fresh air will do you both good, as long as you’re both dressed appropriately. Particularly if your dog is younger, older or a sighthound breed (like a lurcher or a greyhound), as they are more likely to feel the cold, a lot of dogs will enjoy wearing a cosy fleece or coat for chilly strolls.

When you’re out, always make sure to keep an eye on your dog so they don't eat any snow. A small amount of fresh, clean snow shouldn’t cause any issues, but it’s hard to know if there is anything under or in that bit of snow they’re munching that could be harmful, and if they eat a lot of snow, pups can drop their body temperature to dangerous levels.

If your dog seems uncomfortable when out in the cold, be sure to bring them inside and warm them up with a cosy blanket.

If they have lots of snow balls caught on their fur, a mildly warm bath can be a comfortable and easy way to melt them away.

Find more tips in our Christmas safety article.

Play festive games like “find the treat” or “lucky dip”

Who says our pups can’t join in on the traditional festivities? Here at BorrowMyDoggy, we believe there are plenty of holiday-themed games that your dog will love!

For example “find the treat” is a great way to keep your pup busy while you’re cooking dinner. Simply hide a small treat(s) or toy around the house or in the garden, and let your dog sniff them out.

Or try a “lucky dip” why not loosely wrap some treats or toys and put them in a big cardboard box with lots of scrunched up non-toxic paper. As long as your pooch won’t eat the paper and you don’t mind the mess, your pup will have lots of fun sniffing out their rewards.

Pixel, the Cross Breed

Take plenty of photos of your dog's first Christmas

If you have a new puppy, this will be their first Christmas, so it's impawtant to take plenty of photos to look back on.

Pups grow up so quickly, and before you know it they'll be adults, so by taking plenty of photos, you can capture all the special moments of your pooch's first Christmas and look back on them in the years to come.

And if you're not sure how to take great photos of your dog, don't worry - there are plenty of resources available online (see this article on how to use your phone to photograph your dog best) that can help you get started, you’ll be a professional pupparazzi in no time.

So make sure to take lots of pictures this howliday season and enjoy every magical moment with your pup.

Have a fetching Christmas!

And if you're looking for some dog care support from a local, trusted dog lover this winter, check out BorrowMyDoggy.

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Celebrating your dog's first Christmas

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