DIY Oatmeal Doggy Foot Bath
An eager pooch sits behind the DIY oatmeal foot bath ready to dip their paws in.

DIY Oatmeal Doggy Foot Bath

5 December 2022

Treat your pup to their very own pawdicure with this absowoofly amazing and very easy Oatmeal foot bath.


  • Washing up bowl
  • 1 large pack of oatmeal
  • Warm water


1. Place oatmeal in washing up bowl

2. Add water so mixture is roughly 2 inches deep

3. Allow oatmeal to soak for 5 minutes

4. Place your dog’s paws into the mixture

5. Let the paws soak for up to 10 minutes

6. Rinse and wipe your dog’s paws

7. Admire their silky smooth paws

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