Best dog car seats: our favourites
a dog in an appropriate car seat

Best dog car seats: our favourites

5 May 2023

Whether going to the big park for a fun walk or heading off on holiday, travelling with our dogs in the car is something lots of us do regularly.

So it’s really impawtant to make sure your dog is suitably restrained when you travel with them for their safety and yours. But did you know if your dog is not properly restrained it can make your car insurance invalid, as well as it being against the law and resulting in a £5000 fine? (Read more on dog safety in the car)

You can properly restrain your pooch by using things like dog seat belts, a suitable boot and bootguard or dog car seats.

How do you get your dog ready for car travel?

Some dogs are supaw chilled in the car, but for others it can take a bit of time for them to get used to it.

  • If your pooch isn’t pawfectly relaxed being in the car, make sure you get them used to it well in advance of any bigger trips. You can start by simply letting them explore the car when it’s parked and the engine is off, maybe even enjoying a toy or a favourite treat, before gradually building up to short journeys. Before embarking on a long car journey, take your dog on several of these short trips to make sure they’re happy and comfortable with car travel.
  • Familiar toys and blankets can also make the car less scary.
  • Some pooches can get carsick, so be sure to speak to your vet to see if they can help. Your vet can also advise on calming aids for anxious travellers.
  • Don’t let them hang their head out of the window,
  • Keep them in a shaded area if possible, or use a baby guard window shade.
  • Make time for plenty of stops on long journeys for a little wander about, a drink and a toilet break.
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car, even if it doesn’t seem that warm a day, cars warm up very quickly!

Read more on how to travel with your dog in our guide!

Olive, the cockapoo

Dog Car Seats

A dog car seat is a great way to comfortably restrain your dog. But make sure your dog is in the correct size of seat, and never left alone when in one.

Pep and Mills Jet Setter Car Seat


Price - £159.99

What we love -

  • Ultra plush filling for extra comfort
  • Can be used in the car and also as a bed out of the car, when you can zip the sides down
  • Adjustable strap to attach to the car, and an adjustable clip to attach to your dog’s harness
  • Cover can be removed and washed

Best for -

  • Small dogs
  • Regular travellers who don’t want to take multiple beds with them
Ollie, the cockapoo

Heather Booster Seat


Price - £49.99

What we love -

  • Integrated tether that can be attached to your pooch's harness as well as being used with your car's seat belt
  • Waterproof
  • Collapsible for easy storage

Best for -

  • Small dogs - weight up to 13.6kg
  • Dogs who like to see out while you’re driving

Polo, the bichon frise

This article is for information only. Always choose products depending on your individual dog's needs and by taking advice from your vet. Prices in this article subject to change.

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