DIY Spin The Bottle Dog Toy
A DIY easy spin bottle filled with treats in the garden, ready for the pooch to enjoy.

DIY Spin The Bottle Dog Toy

22 February 2023

This inexpensive dog toy will stimulate the most curious doggy minds while keeping them entertained for hours. Playing this bottle game is also a great challenge for those furry friends who loves to try new things.


  • A wooden structure
  • 2 - 3 plastic bottles
  • A piece of large string
  • Scissors
  • Dog treats


  • Assemble a wooden structure with two posts.
  • Make two holes on each side of the plastic bottles.
  • Push the string through the holes.
  • Tie the string to both of the posts.
  • Place small treats inside the bottles.
  • Show your dog how to push and spin the bottle.
  • They’ll soon figure out how to do it on their own.
  • Treats will roll out as a reward for your dog.
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