Dog Guinness World Records
Dog Guinness World Records

Dog Guinness World Records

World records were beaten, Great Britain took home 22 gold medals and the world came together once again to celebrate the sporting achievements of our greatest athletes. The Olympics may be over but there are plenty more achievements to celebrate. If you want to dig your teeth into some more world record breakers, this is for you.

Of course, we can’t simply look at human athletes. Here are the leading dog athletes in their individual sports.

First up, we have sprinting. In Wyong, Australia, a Greyhound reached 41.8 miles per hour! An unofficial record has been set of 50.5 miles per hour by another Australian Greyhound.

Greyhound standing majestically on a bright and sandy beach

Our runners up for this category are Salukis who can reach speeds of 41 miles per hour followed by Vizlas and Afghan Hounds who have recorded speeds of 40 miles per hour.

Next up, we have the world record for the highest jump by a dog. This record was broken by a greyhound called Feather from the USA. In 2017, she jumped an incredible 19.17m during a competition.

Now onto the longest jump by a dog. Will we have another Greyhound taking the lead?

The world record for longest leap is 11.02 metres and was broken by a four-year-old Whippet called Sounders. This record was broken at a dock jumping competition in the USA.

Grey and white Whippet sitting in a woodland, tongue out, staring at camera

Previous record holders include a Greyhound and a Belgian Shepherd.

Now a few special mentions for specialist sports!

A scuba diving pup called Shadow set the record for deepest dive by a dog. Along with their owner Dwane, the pair dived 4 metres off the coast of Grand Cayman Island.

The world record for most tennis balls held in a dog's mouth at once was set by Augie, a golden retriever from Dallas. They successfully held 5 tennis balls in their mouth at once.

Golden Retriever holding a dog toy in it's mouth looking at camera

Finally, the longest wave surfed by a dog in open water was set by Abbie Girl in 2011. The Kelpie surfed 107.2 metres continuously at Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego.

These pooches are super talented but we think all dogs have their unique talents. Which of these records was your favourite?

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