A cute West Highland Terrier sitting on their purple DIY dog bed.

DIY No-Sew Dog Bed

3 December 2022

This customizable dog bed is an easy and quick way to make your dog feel extra special, without the need to know how to sew.


  • 1x1.2m dog-safe fabric (x2)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and pen
  • Toy filling material


  1. Cut two 1x1.2m layers of dog-safe fabric and line them up perfectly.
  2. Measure a 10x10cm square on the fringe. / Cut out the corner pieces.
  3. Make cuts along one of the edge, making strips about 2.5cm wide.
  4. Keep cutting strips around the rest of the edges.
  5. Tie two strips together. You need to tie one strip on the top with another from the bottom.
  6. Tie the rest of strips along three of the bed’s sides.
  7. Stuff polyester toy filling material inside the bed
  8. To finish the bed, tie the remaining strips on the remaining side.
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Not too keen on creating a dog bed yourself, don't have the time or have a dog that would chew this up? Check out our guide on best dog beds to buy for your pup!

This article is for information only. Always choose or make products depending on your individual dog's needs and by taking advice from your vet.

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