Light Up Dog Accessories | Glow in the Dark
Light Up Dog Accessories

Light Up Dog Accessories | Glow in the Dark

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Now that winter is drawing in and the nights are getting longer, make sure that when you and your doggy (owned or borrowed!) em-bark on your latest walking mission, you setter a good example for all of the other pawsome pooches in the park with some wagulous light-up accessories.


A revolutionary new LED collar that is free of buckles and switches. You simply put it on your dog prior to walkies, and a unique sensor within it will activate the collar to switch it on. It comes in all different shapes and sizes, and you can even choose your colour too.


If you want your doggy to stand out in the park, then muddy paws is for you. They have a wide range of hi-visibility clothing for your lovely pooch, including jackets, harnesses and even scarves. They have plenty of different sizes and colours, so there’s something for everyone.


Does your dog simply love a game of fetch more than anything in the park at dark? With these new glo-balls (yes, its a glow in the dark tennis ball), you no longer have to worry about your doggy losing it. What’s better - they don’t need charging. You simply expose them to some bright light before hand, and you’re ready to go. They float too, so its not just in the park that you can use them.

Once your pup has been kitted out, you’ll be able to see paw for paw how far of a stick’s throw away they are, or their ball for that matter. We’re constantly sniffing around for fun things to spruce up our doggies favourite time of the day, so we love all of these pawsome new accessories - pawfect for winter walkies.

Enjoy :)

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