Best puppy toys UK: our favourite puppy toys

Best puppy toys UK: our favourite puppy toys

9 May 2023

Having a new puppy is lots of fun, but can also be lots of work. Toys are a pawsome way to keep your new furiend happy and entertained, help with their development and reduce boredom. But there are so many toys available it’s hard to know which is the best for your pooch. So here’s a few things to look for when buying toys for your puppy, and some toys to take a closer look at.

Teething & chewing toys

Teething puppies love a good chew. Whether it’s on a toy, a table leg or your hand, they don’t tend to be fussy. But we are, and we want to find a good toy for them to chew on and enjoy so they can soothe their achy gums. 

Odi, the Golden Retriever, playing with a chew toy for puppies
Odi, the Golden Retriever

Puppies usually have all their baby teeth in by around 6 weeks, then up to 6 months these teeth fall out to make way for their adult teeth. So that’s a good chunk of time where you might have a teething pup.

There are lots of teething toys on the market, so it can be tough to find the right one. But always make sure that teething toys aren’t too tough for your pup’s teeth, as you don’t want them breaking a tooth!

As a general rule don’t give your pup anything you can’t indent with your fingernail. Putting teething toys in the fridge or freezer can also make them even more soothing for puppy gums.

Supervise them

As with all toys, your dog should not be left unsupervised with them. This is especially important with new pups as they are still working out what they want to do with these wagtastic new gifts you’ve given them. You want to be sure if a toy breaks or your pup pulls out all the stuffing, you can take the toy away ASAP so your pup doesn’t hurt themselves or swallow anything.

Wilma, the Whippet, with a red spikey puppy toy
Wilma, the Whippet

Toys for exercising

Fetch toys can be a great way to give your pup a run around the garden and to teach them about bringing things back to you.

When choosing a ball or frisbee for your pooch, be sure that it isn’t too big or too small and is not made of material that could damage their teeth.

Particularly, if you have a large breed pup, who’s growing fast, make sure to get rid of any balls that get too small as they get bigger, as these can be swallowed or choked on.

Do the quiz to find out what the perfect toy for your pup is!

Willow, the Cockapoo, with a blue fetching puppy toy
Willow, the Cockapoo

We’ve sniffed out some toys available online:

Kong Puppy teething stick

Price - £5.50-£7.50 (discover here)

What we love

  • Pups can get a good chew on this stick without it being too tough on their teeth
  • Comes in three sizes - small, medium and large
  • Helps encourage appropriate chewing activity (saving your fingers and toes!)

Best for:

  • Teething puppies
  • Fussy pups, you can add a tasty treat to get them chewing
  • Pups up to 9 months old

Bonnie, the Westipoo, with heartbeat sheep
Bonnie, the Westipoo

All For Paws Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep

Price - £17.39 (discover here)

What we love

  • Supports your pup on their first few nights in a bed without their littermates
  • Some pups love to cuddle up to a soft toy friend
  • The beating “heart” can help to soothe puppies, as it mimics the heartbeats of littermates and mum

Best for

  • Brand new additions to the family
  • Messy pups - just be sure to remove the battery-operated heart before washing
  • Pups that love a good snuggle

Nina Ottosson Puppy Smart Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Price - £13.00 (discover here )

What we love

  • Teaches your pup to entertain themselves
  • Can reduce unwanted, naughty behaviours by making them focus on the game
  • It can be made less challenging for younger pups

Best for

  • Smart puppies who get bored quickly
  • Pups who are driven by a food reward
  • Fast eaters who need slowing down

Buddy, the Cocker Spaniel puppy who loves to run
Buddy, the Cocker Spaniel

Biosafe Puppy Ring

Price - £3.00 (discover here)

What we love

  • Can be used for fetch games
  • Soft enough on gums, while still giving pups something to chew on

Best for

  • Pups with lots of energy who want a run around
  • Teething pups
  • Swimmers, this ring floats

Kong Puppy Activity Ball Toy

Price - £8.00 (discover here)

What we love

  • Chewing the ball can help with teething
  • Your pup’s dry food can be popped into the toy, to make dinner time super fun!
  • Reduces boredom

Best for

  • Puppies who enjoy their food
  • Pups who eat too fast from their bowl
  • Clever pups who love a game

Brian, the Japanese Spitz puppy hiding in a soft basket
Brian, the Japanese Spitz

Having engaging, exciting toys for your puppy can be great to help them develop and to keep them entertained. As anyone that’s ever had a puppy will tell you, it can be hard to tell which toys your new pal will like, and which they won’t, especially as you’re still learning so much about them! There are lots of different options available but always make sure to find something that is safe for your pup to enjoy.

This article is for information only. Always choose products depending on your individual dog's needs and by taking advice from your vet. Prices in this article subject to change.

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