Top dog workout toys for exercise and fun
A chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel running on the beach near the shore with their Chuck It! ball

Top dog workout toys for exercise and fun

3 January 2023

As the nights get colder and the TV better, for a lot of us our normal exercise regime has got a little left behind. And if we’re not moving as much, it’s pretty likely our pooches are in the same boat. Watching your favourite show with some treats and a cuddly companion is a pawsome way to spend an evening, but the time has come yet again and we’ve got to look after ourselves and our dogs and get moving!

Keeping our dogs fit is super impawtent to their health and longevity. So whether that’s through losing weight, exercising more, or ideally a bit of both, your doggo will benefit from getting in shape.

How can you get your pet fitter?

Getting your pet fitter, as well as helping them lose any extra weight, involves increasing their activity levels. So that might be through walking more, taking up canicross with them or even hydrotherapy swimming, particularly ideal for older pooches who find walks a little harder than before.

Another way to help is by looking for dog workout toys. These toys often support mental exercise as well as physical. So here’s a selection of toys that can give your pup a good workout.

Seb the Springador standing amongst the leaves after retrieving his Chuck It! ball

Chuck It - Sport 12 Pocket Ball Launcher Medium


Price - £7.99*

What we love -

  • Lets you throw a ball 1.5 times further than without
  • Pick up the ball without your hands, to keep them slobber free

Best for -

  • Pooches who love a game of fetch
  • Any size of dog, with different sizes available
  • Dogs that are fit and well enough to run a short distance

​​Dogfit Canicross Starter Kit


Price - £89.99*

What we love -

  • This kit has everything you need to start out running with your dog
  • A range of sizes for every size of pooch

Best for -

  • Dogs who love a run, and have no health issues that stop them running
  • Owners who are runners or are keen to take it up
Harry the Patterdale Terrier running in the garden with his blue ball

All For Paws Interactives Dog Hyper Fetch Mini


Price - £69.99*

What we love -

  • Your pooch can get a workout even when you’re not home
  • Different ball throwing ranges dependent on the space you have available

Best for -

  • Dogs that love playing with balls
  • Pooches with lots of energy

SportPet Agility Training Set


Price - £25.99*

What we love -

  • This entry level kit is a good way for your dog to start a bit of agility training
  • The high jump ring is size adjustable

Best for -

  • Active dogs who love to learn
  • Those with access to a grassy garden
Chester the Tibetan Spaniel sitting proudly in front of his indoor agility course

KONG - Training Dummy


Price - £13.99

What we love -

  • This toy is highly visible and floats when thrown into the water
  • Described as tough and sturdy

Best for -

  • Swimmers that love retrieving
  • Larger dogs

Getting your pup fit can really benefit their long-term health, and with so many different ways for them to enjoy being active, you’re sure to find the pawfect way to get your top dog in their best shape.

*Prices subject to change. Always consult with your veterinary surgeon if you have any queries about your dog’s general health or want to start a new exercise regime. This article is for information only, and should never replace any advice, diagnosis or treatment from your veterinary surgeon.

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