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Best dog gadgets

7 December 2022

We love our dogs so much that we often end up searching the deep depths of the Internet for doggy related products that, well, let’s be honest we really don’t need. Not to worry, we often find ourselves doing the same thing (what better way to spend a Friday evening, right?) and on our hunt we’ve come across some amazing products.

The following gadgets are sure to fix some of the day to day issues you probably have experienced as a dog owner or they'll just simply make you smile!

1. Puppy Sling/Pet Carrier

These slings make it easy to carry smaller dogs around. Whether you are travelling on the bus, tube or long distance, this keeps your hands free and saves your dog from tiring out during a long day.

2. Pet Hair Removal Roller

Like a heavy-duty lint roller for your furniture, this roller picks up pet hair when your vacuum cleaner isn’t cutting it.

Two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels in the back of a car

3. Nail Trimming Hammock

Cutting your dog's nails at home can be an excellent way to save money or a quick option when you need a last-minute trim, as long as your are confident you know what you're doing and your dog doesn't get distressed. This hammock could ease the process if your dog fidgets a little during their pedicure.

4. Pet First Aid Kit

A dog first aid kit is similar to the human equivalent but with all dog-friendly products. Kits can include bandages, tweezers and much more!

5. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

If you haven’t heard of this ball already, you are missing out! This small, tough ball is loved by dogs and humans alike for its durability and attention-grabbing colour. Make sure to get the right size for your dog. Balls should be small enough for your dog to carry but large enough that they can't completely fit in their mouth.

Labrador puppy laying outside

6. Paw Plunger Paw Cleaner

Need a simple way to clean your dog’s paws after a walk? Dip their paws into this gadget and they will come out refreshed and clean without harmful chemicals.

7. Jolly Ball

Another durable toy on this list but this is perfect for bigger dogs who like to play tug of war. This ball comes in two sizes which are ideal for medium or large dogs.

8. Travel Shower

This shower attachment turns a water bottle into a shower on the go. Whether you need to wash them down after a busy day on the beach, muddy walks or whatever other activity you have got up to.

Two spaniels smiling in a field of bluebells

9. Selfie toy

We can’t deny we love a good selfie, and what’s make a selfie 100 times better? Dogs. Obviously. But getting your pooch to look at your selfie camera doesn’t come naturally, so without further ado may we introduce the dog selfie stick. A tennis ball attachment, guaranteed to produce the best and most cutest dog selfies around. We’re ordering 5.

10. Doggy Umbrella

Rain is sadly quite the regular occurrence for those of us in the UK and Ireland, but it shouldn’t stop us taking our four-legged friends for their walk. Humans have umbrellas so why shouldn’t dogs. We’ve found a doggy umbrella that attaches to their lead so they stay dry in the wet weather.

11. Dog Camera

It can often be a worry when you’re leaving your doggy home alone for awhile. Well, we have we found the invention for you. This WiFi enabled camera allows you to check in on your dog while their at home, talk to them and even throw treats at them to ensure they are behaving themselves while you're away. Absowoofly ingenious.

12. Doggy Drinks

Dog beer and Pawsecco

Doggy member Lola

After a long day at work nothing beats sitting back and enjoy an ice cold beverage. But what about your dog? Now they can be included in the festivities with doggy beer and pawsecco so you’ll never drink alone.

13. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Anyone can have a standard ball thrower, but we’ve found the best ball thrower out there. The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster. It blasts tennis balls over 50ft in the air and it’s guaranteed your furry friend will have endless hours of joy. What are you waiting for? Lock and load pups! And make sure you're aiming away from pooches, people and other valuables!

14. Bubbles for dogs

Bubbles. So simple yet so fun. Get your dog, borrowed or owned, involved in the fun with some pet friendly bubbles, guaranteed family fun. There is even bacon flavoured bubbles. Yes, seriously.

15. A cuddly pet

OK this last one isn’t for the dog… it’s for the humans. This American company creates near-perfect replicas of your pet in cuddly version. We were blown away with some of them, why not take a look for yourself. We know what we’re asking Santa paws for Christmas.

16. BorrowMyDoggy Membership

Here at BorrowMyDoggy, we want to make dog owners’ lives easier too. If you need a local, trusted dog walker or sitter then sign up for free today!

We can’t wait to see what those genius doggy inventors come up with next!

This article is for information only. Always choose products depending on your individual dog's needs and by taking advice from your vet. Prices in this article subject to change.

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