How to teach your dog to touch an object
A sweet, fluffy pooch with a brown button nose is sitting on the grass holding their paw up ready to "touch".

How to teach your dog to touch an object

This is a fun trick to teach your dog and it'll amaze all of your friends. If they already know how to give their paw, then they will learn this trick in no time.


  1. Ask your dog to sit and give you their paw. Reward them.
  2. Ask for your dog’s paw again. This time back away slightly and wait a second before you catch it and reward them.
  3. Hold the item slightly to the side of the dog.
  4. Ask your dog to raise their paw and they’ll naturally rest their paw on the item.
  5. When they touch it, say ‘GOOD’ and reward them while saying ‘TOUCH’.
  6. Reward your dog when touching the item, not back on the ground.
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