The best dog bed for your dog: a guide

The best dog bed for your dog: a guide

5 May 2023

Picking the best dog bed for your furry friend can be a daunting task. With so much choice, it can be hard to know which bed is right for your pooch! Size, shape, and material are all important, but so is your dog's pawsonality and how they best like to catch some Zs.

Some dogs prefer soft beds while others like something a little more firm. Some like a bed where they can keep cool and stretch out, while others want to get super cosy. So if you're not sure what is right for your dog, let the team at BorrowMyDoggy help you out on which dog bed is best for your pup.

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How to choose the perfect dog bed for your pup

Trending dog beds in the UK and our personal favourites

How to choose the perfect dog bed for your pup

We have really chewed this one over and believe we have come up with a wagnificent guide to find the pawfect dog bed for your pup.

First, you'll want to take into account your dog's size. Even though many a greyhound will try to squeeze into a space on a sofa no bigger than a shoebox, they will need a much larger bed than a Chihuahua.

Second, think about your dog's sleeping habits. Do they like to curl up in a ball, or do they sprawl out like they own the place? This should give you an idea of what shape of bed will be most comfortable for them.

Thirdly, consider your dog's age and health. A dog with joint pain might do better with a deep, memory foam bed that conforms to their body, while a young pup might prefer a soft snuggly bed, that allows them to bury right in.

Fourth is durability and this is key! Dog beds go through a lot. So consider what is important to you and your pooch, based on their favourite activities and habits. If ripping out every inch of stuffing is your dog's top hobby, then a soft, filled bed, might end up in a bit of a mess, and potentially with your dog swallowing some potentially harmful stuffing, so other types of beds might be a better option.

Lastly, we need to consider how easy the dog bed is to clean. Even the cleanest of dogs will need to get their beds washed on occasion!

Missy, the Chihuahua, looking snug in her cave style dog bed
Missy, the Chihuahua

Keep these factors in mind, and you're sure to find the perfect dog bed for your four-legged friend.

Size and style of a dog bed

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the perfect one for your pup can be a bit of a challenge. There’s some obvious facts to start with: a small dog will need a smaller bed than a large dog.

However, you also need to think about where you want to put the bed. If you have a lot of space, you can get a larger bed. But if you're limited in space, you might need to go with a smaller option.

How to measure your dog for a bed

The best way to find out the size for a new dog bed is to measure your pup while they are asleep in their regular sleeping position. This will give you the most accurate measurement.

Add around 4-6 inches for small dogs, or 8-12 inches for medium to large dogs.

If you are unsure, read more on finding the perfect size for your dog. Because no pup likes to have an uncomfortable snooze!

Shape of the perfect dog bed for your pup

Another thing to consider is the style and shape of the dog bed. There are many different options out there, so take your time and find the perfect one for your pup!

We have listed a couple of our favourite dog bed styles here:

Donut dog beds

Donut dog beds are designed for dogs who like to curl up in a ball, as the shape of the bed mimics that of a donut. The raised edge on the side of the bed allows dogs to rest their head on a comfortable surface, similar to how they would do if they were resting their head on their favourite human's lap.

Donut dog beds come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for most breeds of dogs. They are usually made from durable materials that can withstand everyday use, and many of them are machine-washable!

One of the reasons why donut dog beds are so popular is because they provide dogs with a sense of security and comfort. The rounded shape means dogs don't feel enclosed or trapped. And donut dog beds are often made of soft and cosy fabrics making them extra snooze-worthy for our pups.

Dotty, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a donut style dog bed
Dotty, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hooded dog beds

Hooded dog beds are a super cosy place for your pup to get their beauty sleep! Also known as cave-style dog beds, they're perfect for keeping dogs warm and comfortable, and they come in a variety of fun and fashionable styles. Plus, they make it easy to keep your dog's bed clean - with most of them you can just pop the hood off and throw it in the washing machine!

Hooded dog beds are perfect for smaller breeds who might feel overwhelmed by a big, spacious bed. They're also great for dogs who like to curl up under blankets or in small spaces. And if you have a particularly chilly house, a hooded dog bed is the perfect way to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable all winter long!

Pillow dog beds

Straightforward and simple, pillow dog beds are for the pooches who love to lounge! There are no real cons, unless your dog is going to pull out all the stuffing, and these beds come in all sorts of sizes. A good, deep, memory-foam pillow bed can be ideal for an older, stiffer dog to get a good comfy nap.

Sofa style dog beds

Dog sofa beds are typically large and rectangular, and are designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes. They can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, faux fur, or even memory foam. Some dog sofa beds also come with built-in pillows or bolsters, which provide extra support and comfort for your pet.

Cosmo, the Hungarian Vizsla, enjoying a nap in his sofa style dog bed
Cosmo, the Hungarian Vizsla

Most dog sofa beds are meant for indoor use, but some models are designed for the outdoors as well. If you're looking for an outdoor option, be sure to choose one that is weatherproof!

There are a few potential cons to think about when purchasing a dog sofa bed. Firstly, they can be expensive, especially if you opt for high-quality. Additionally, they can be difficult to clean if they get dirty. Some models have removable covers that can be machine-washed, but others don't. So if you're looking for a low-maintenance option, a dog sofa bed may not be the best choice.

Materials of dog beds

Dog beds come in a variety of materials.

One popular option is a dog bed made of cloth. Cloth dog beds are often soft and comfortable, making them a good choice for dogs that like to snuggle up against something while they sleep. However, they can also be more difficult to keep clean than dog beds made of other materials.

Another popular option is a dog bed made of memory foam. Memory foam dog beds are known for being supportive and durable, making them ideal for dogs with joint pain or other mobility issues. However, they can be more expensive than other types of dog beds and can get damaged if your dog is a bed digger or chewer.

Indoor versus outdoor

Some dog beds are made for indoor use only, while others are made for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re after a dog bed that can be used outside, you’ll need to make sure that it’s waterproof and can be easily cleaned.

Some outdoor dog beds also come with a little canopy to keep your puppy pals safe from the (sometimes) warm sun.

Bart, the Jack Russell Terrier, playfully lying on his back on a snug dog bed
Bart, the Jack Russell Terrier

Ultimuttly, the best type of dog bed for your pup will depend on what your pooch prefers.

Durability of your dog bed

There are a few factors to consider when durability is a concern for you as a dog owner.

Material is one of them. One of the most durable materials out there is ballistic nylon. This material can withstand a lot of wear and tear and is resistant to scratches and tears. Additionally, ballistic nylon is water resistant, so it can be used outdoors without fear of damage.

Another material that is popular for dog beds because of its durability is vinyl. Vinyl is moisture resistant and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. It also doesn't scratch easily, making it a good choice for dogs who like to scratch their beds. Vinyl is a durable material that will likely last for years.

A well-constructed dog bed is also key to getting a durable product. Beds that have seams that are double-sewn or triple-sewn are more likely to hold up over time than those with single seams. Additionally, beds that have been reinforced with metal grommets are much more durable than those without them. These grommets help to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the surface of the bed, preventing any areas from becoming overly stretched or damaged over time.

What about cleaning?

Worried about how to keep the new dog bed from looking a little ruff?

The top three easiest dog beds to clean are:

  • Machine washable dog beds
  • Dog beds with removable covers
  • Water-resistant dog beds
Daisy, the Cockapoo, sitting upright in her bed
Daisy, the Cockapoo

Cleaning a dog bed may not be the most glamorous task, but it's definitely important for the health of your furry friend. Even if your pooch is lovely and clean and doesn't do muddy puddles, keeping their bed clean can reduce the amount of dust mites in the bedding, help to get rid of other bugs, and improve the smell of the bed. Here’s a quick guide on how to clean a dog bed:

  1. Remove dog hair. The first step is to remove as much dog hair as you can from the bed. This can be done with a lint roller, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, or even just by running your hands over the fabric.
  2. Use a washing machine or clean by hand. Once all the dog hair is gone, you can proceed to cleaning the bed itself. Depending on the material, this can be done with soap and water, a vinegar and water solution, or by using specialised cleaners.

Be sure to follow the label instructions carefully so you don't damage the bed, but other than that is easy to keep your pup's bed clean, safe and comfortable!

Need more help? Check out our guide on how to remove dog hair from furniture (including beds!)

Our favourite and trendiest dog beds in the UK:

Inside dog beds

Omlet dog bed


The Omlet Memory Foam Bolster Bed is a great way to provide your pet with the elevated sleeping environment they deserve. This thick, high-quality mattress features removable covers and matching pillows that are both machine washable making it easy for you!

You can select from 15 different colours and choose to add any of 9 different types of feet as well (at an extra charge).

Le Chameau dog bed


This 1000 denier, scratch-resistant dog bed is great for any canine companion. The firm foam provides support and lasts longer than other beds on the market with its two-sided cushion that creates a comfortable spot to snuggle up after long country walks!

Barbour dog bed


The Barbour Slumber Bed is the perfect place to take a well deserved nap. Made in Britain with their signature box-quilted polyamide outer and cosy cotton lining, this stylish bed offers superb comfort for your favourite pooch. The high sides keep them cosy and there’s a dropped front so your pup can easily get in to take a snooze!

Ruffwear dog bed


Do you and your dog often go on adventures? If so, then it’s likely that a normal travel bed just won't cut the mustard. You need one of those super durable ones with waterproof material for when you spend nights outside at camp or on hikes - like this Mt Bachelor Pad from Ruffwear!

What is the Mt. Bachelor Pad? A low-profile, portable camping dog bed that gives your pup a sense of home no matter where you are! It’s perfect for bringing on hikes or holidays in different environments like at the office. It's the same size as a large-ish sleeping bag folded up, lightweight yet strong made out of high-quality materials that will last through anything life throws your way.

Dream Paws Anxiety Reducing Plush Dog Bed


So the jury is still out as to whether stress-reducing dog beds actually work, but they do still provide soft, cosy beds, where many pooches will happily snuggle in and drift off to sleep. Dream Paws Anxiety Reducing Plush Dog Bed with Bear Toy is described a having been designed to help calm your pet. Featuring high sides for security, this bed is super soft and comfortable, making a safe and cosy space for your furry friend. The long fur mimics mother or company and can help to reduce stress and calm dogs with separation anxiety. And it even comes with a cute pillow toy for an added companion during nap time.

Dog beds for large dogs

Looking for the pawfect bed for your large pup? Make sure to choose one that is big and comfy enough for them to enjoy sweet dreams every night! Find beds with supportive bolsters or foam cushions, durable fabrics, and breathable material to keep them cool when the weather gets hot. Measure before you buy and make sure it's stylish too - there are plenty of options out there. Your big friend will thank you when they find their ideal bed!

There's a nice selection of large dog beds at Lords & Labradors where you could find the pawfect match for your pup!

Looking for a sustainable solution? Check out our DIY no sewing dog bed step-for-step guide!

Outside dog beds

Aldi rattan dog bed


The Pet Collection Dog Rattan Lounger is the perfect way to provide your pup with a stylish and comfortable lounging spot. The grey frame of this item features an innovative design that allows it to be easily assembled, without any tools required! It also comes equipped with removable water bowls so you can ensure they stay hydrated during their time spent indoors playing around or napping off-leash in our gorgeous British weather.

Asda dog bed with gazebo or BM equivalent dog bed


Asda's hit dog bed with gazebo is back for a great price of £35..

We also found a worthy equivalent: BM’s Raised Pet Bed with Canopy at £20.

Playtime is over, and it's time to get serious. The Raised Pet Bed with Canopy helps keep dogs cool and comfortable. This bed protects them from the sun so they don't burn out before you do by maintaining a healthier body temperature while protecting against insects that love nothing more than making meals off our poor pups.

Lidl had its own version of the two outdoor dog beds mentioned above with its Zoofari dog bed, but most of these are now no longer available. Ebay may be a good option if you’re set on owning one of these for your pup.

This article is for information only. Always choose products depending on your individual dog's needs and by taking advice from your vet. Prices in this article subject to change.

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