Teach your dog to play fetch
A wet, soggy Spaniel is running across the beach away from the sea with a tennis ball held firmly in their mouth.

Teach your dog to play fetch

Do you want to teach your dog to play fetch? Here’s how in 5 easy steps!

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  • Encourage your dog to get excited about the toy. Reward them with affection or treats when they grab it.
  • Toss the fetching toy a short distance. When the dog goes for it, immediately reward again.
  • Once your dog has caught the first toy, show them a second one. This gets your dog used to running back to you after they’ve caught the toy.
  • If your dog stops before reaching you, back away while using encouraging praise for them to bring it to you. Once the dog reaches the original spot where you were, offer praise and treats.
  • Repeat several times until your dog retrieves all the way.

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