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Have you borrowed a doggy and you don’t know where to take it on a walk? We can help….Have you recently moved somewhere new? Or do you know your normal dog walk like the back of your paw? Or are you simply looking for new places to go with your loveable pooch?

Here at BorrowMyDoggy we’re always finding exciting new ways to mix up our doggy’s favourite time of the day…..walkies. We’ve had a sniff around, and there are many online sites that allow you to find and locate pawsome new routes for you and your dog to em-bark on everyday.


This site is absowoofly great…you select the area you’re going to be walking your doggy in, and it does all the hard work for you. It tells you how long the walk will take, whether or not your doggy has to stay on the lead, and also if there are any hills or not. Other users of the site can comment on the walks with their experiences, so you can check out whether other dogs have enjoyed them too! What’s more, you can recommend new routes to the site that you’ve enjoyed recently, and they’ll donate £2 to a dog charity!

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This site was dogumented when poor Jem, a rescue border collie, was stuck in a traffic jam on the M40 for over an hour in the hot sun. Her owners decided that she needed to stretch her legs, but weren’t sure where to take her and couldn’t believe there was nowhere to tell them. After walking more than 1,000 miles and finding over 400 walks for their beloved Jem, they published a book with the RAC called ‘Walking the Dog’…designed to outline walks up and down the main motorway networks, with many of the routes displaying pubs with good food along the way. All of these routes can be found on their website, so next time you’ve got a long journey planned with your dog why not go online where you can select walks by motorway, and find a lovely leg stretching experience for you both to enjoy.


If you know where you and your doggy are trying to get to, but you just don’t know how to get there then this website is for you. It allows you to select your starting and ending point, and will let you decide what route to take based on how busy (or quiet) you want your walk to be, as well as what pollution levels you don’t want your doggy to encounter! The ‘circular walk’ option, where you start and finish at the same point is ideal for all dog walkers, whether you’re looking for a short lunch-hour stroll to a 4 hour hike where you’ll both burn more calories (yes, it shows you that too!). Furthermore, they have their own app to load your walks on, so if you get lost during the walk you can simply bring up the route on your phone!

Make sure you and your doggy have your walking boots on, as we’re sure you’ll both have your tails wagging by the end :)

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