Best dog walks in Ipswich
Best dog walks in Ipswich

Best dog walks in Ipswich

29 March 2023

Whether you’re new to the area or are a seasoned dog walker in Ipswich, it’s always nice to discover a great dog walk. Here are just some of our favourites…

Chantry Park

You can easily spend the entire day at Chantry Park due to the range of facilities and abundance of open space perfect for a game or two of fetch. There are plenty of walking routes as well as a children’s playground if you have little ones. Why not pack a picnic if the weather is nice and really make an afternoon if it.

Holywells Park

If you’re looking for dog walks in Ipswich with varied terrain and lots of wooded areas for inquisitive pups to explore, then why not head to Holywells Park. Another great spot for a picnic and a great place to visit if your pup likes to swim. Make sure to keep an eye out for squirrels who are often darting around the wooded areas.

Christchurch Park

Whether you are dog sitting in Ipswich or are out and about walking your own dog, Christchurch Park is a great choice. Popular with both locals and visitors alike, this park is lovely to visit if your pup is sociable as there are always a lot of other dog walkers here. With lots of beautiful trees, refreshment counters and plenty of open space lending itself to those endless games of fetch this is somewhere you could easily spend an entire afternoon.

Bourne Park

If you are looking for somewhere well maintained and green to walk a dog in Ipswich then why not head to Bourne Park. Whether you’re looking for a game of rounders, a playground for your little ones or lots of lovely open space to enjoy with your four legged friend, this park has it all. The only thing this park doesn’t have is refreshments, so it is advisable to pack some snacks or a drink if you’re planning on being here for a few hours.

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