What you can and can’t feed your dog

Looking for healthy snack ideas for your dog? Read on to find out 8 do’s and don’ts of feeding your pup.

Generally speaking, it's best to vary a dog’s diet as little as possible. While humans may thrive on variety, sudden variations in a dog’s diet can cause stomach upsets. From delicious and healthy dog snacks to food you should avoid, here are do's and dont's of feeding your dog,

Happy golden retriever with his food bowl

Healthy snacks that dogs will love:

  • Ice cubes
  • Fruit and veg, such as carrots and green beans
  • Many owners keep a stock of canine training treats and these are fantastic. Just remember, moderation is key :)

Food/objects that you should not feed your dog:

  • Cooked bones - Once cooked, bones can easily splinter and cause a hazard.
  • Onions and chives. In any form (raw, cooked, dry and powdered), onions can be toxic due to the disulfides and sulfoxides contained within them, both of which can cause severe anaemia and damage red blood cells.
  • Grapes and raisins - Grapes contain a toxin that can cause liver damage and kidney failure for our puppy pals.
  • Fat trimmings - these can cause bouts of Pancreatitis (a very painful condition) and should be avoided.
  • Plants - Many plants are poisonous. Reference The Pet Poison Helpline for more information.

If, for any reason, you suspect your dog has ingested something that could be potentially harmful, such as chocolate, medicine, rat poison, or an unusual household item, phone your vet immediately and arrange for the dog to be seen as soon as possible to be assessed and treated as necessary

When a borrower looks after a BorrowMyDoggy dog, it’s important to do the following:

  • Have a thorough conversation about the dog’s regular diet and include this information on the Doggy Info Sheet, which owners fill out and share with borrowers.
  • Borrowers should stick to this as closely as possible. and in case of emergency, contact a veterinary professional, such as BorrowMyDoggy’s 24/7 Vet Line.

For other great tips on what owner and borrower should chat about, here are 10+ questions to discuss on a BorrowMyDoggy 'Welcome Woof' meet and greet.

Put this advice into action and let us know if it helped your dog, owned or borrowed.

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