Puppuccinos: what are they and where to get them
A lovely cockapoo sitting patiently with cream around her chin, licking her chops whilst waiting to enjoy the rest of her puppuccino

Puppuccinos: what are they and where to get them

Puppuccinos are a popular doggy treat offered in many dog-friendly cafes around the UK. A puppuccino is simply a small cup of whipped cream or milk made especially for dogs to enjoy as a pawsome treat.

They are typically served as a complimentary item when you make a purchase at a dog-friendly eatery, but can also be purchased separately from the menu. Puppuccinos are a great treat for your pooch, providing them with an extra special experience when they visit the cafe. But make sure to always check what's in it from the barista to make sure your individual dog can tolerate it.

You can find puppuccinos offered at these coffee shops or other places:

  • Starbucks as an off-menu item
  • Costa as an off-menu item
  • Dunkin’ Donuts offers puppy lattes
  • Shake Shack offers their Pooch-ini
  • Caleb's Coffee in Fleet, Hampshire
  • Paws For Coffee in Hampton Hill, London
  • Wags N Tales Surbiton
  • Wags N Tales Twickenham
  • Farm & Field, Somerset

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