Two cute pooches, wearing Christmas jumpers, sit in front of a tree decorated with lights and baubles. There are two mugs of Dognog placed in front of the dogs and some tinsel decorating the floor.

Christmas 'Dognog'

11 December 2023

Provided by Elmo's Kitchen
Reviewed by Dr Jill McMaster BVM&S MBA MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and in-house expert at BorrowMyDoggy on 13 November 2023

Can dogs have eggnog?

Christmas is coming and that means it’s time for eggnog! But what about our furry friends? Can they share this yummy festive drink with us? Unfortunately not, even eggnog that is free from alcohol or caffeine can be potentially harmful.

But here at BorrowMyDoggy we don't want our pooches missing out, so here's a recipe for some homemade dog-friendly eggnog, so your pooch can have a tasty Christmas treat too.

Christmas 'Dognog'

This simple variation on Eggnog, or ‘Dognog’ as we like to call it is a Christmas treat from Santa Paws for all those good boys and girls.


  • 1 small pot greek yoghurt
  • Small pack of squash and carrot baby food with no added sugar or sweeteners
  • 1 egg
  • ¼ cup of water
ingredients eggnog for dogs


1. In a blender, mix all of the ingredients.

2. Blend together until frothy. You can hand mix but it will take longer for the mixture to become frothed.

3. Pour into your doggy’s bowl and let them enjoy!

TIP: For an extra special Dognog, top off with your dog’s favourite treats.

This recipe will be enough for one large dog. Keep refrigerated, but be sure to use within 24 hours. Or you can freeze the leftover mixture into moulds for frozen treats!

If you suspect your pooch has an intolerance to dairy avoid this recipe or substitute the yoghurt to a dairy-free option, making sure it contains no added sugar or sweeteners. Make you use good quality eggs, like those with the British Lion stamp to be sure they are safe to be eaten raw. Do not give raw eggs to any dog that cannot tolerate them, or if advised against by your vet.

Another recipe for dog eggnog!

If you don't fancy the recipe above, here's another healthy, easy, and dog-friendly version of the Christmas classic from our doggy dietary consultant friends at Elmo’s Kitchen.


  • 200 grams goat or sheep's yoghurt
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup water
  • Drizzle of honey (make sure it has no added sweeteners)
  • Dry kibble


1. Combine yoghurt, egg and water in a bowl

2. Blend until frothy

3. Pour into a doggy bowl and garnish with a drizzle of honey and a couple of pieces of dry kibble

Make sure to always adjust your dog’s daily food allowance so they don’t gain weight while enjoying their delicious new snacks. These are treats and should not be substituted for a meal and should be enjoyed in moderation.

Any new food should be added gradually to your dog's diet so they don't get a poorly tummy. Avoid giving your dog any foods that they are allergic or intolerant to, or if advised against by your vet.

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