What to feed your borrowed dog

The impact of good nutrition on your borrowed dog.

Top tips and information on what you should and shouldn’t feed your borrowed dog from Sean McCormack, Head Vet at tails.com.

When borrowing someone else’s dog, it’s a good idea to follow their rules and that includes their feeding habits. Dogs thrive on routine and this applies to their digestive health, too. Although we humans like variety in our diets, our canine companions may suffer digestive problems if we make sudden changes to their food or routine.

It’s important to discuss diet and feeding routines with your borrowed dog’s owner. Asking when and what exactly they are fed, and having a supply of the very same food at home is the best way to avoid feeding problems. You’ll also need to find out what other foods they allow their dog as a treat. Having a supply of these items at home will help ensure the dog’s routine doesn’t change and you’re not caught short.

Some dogs are very sensitive to dietary changes, which can lead to illness. If this occurs, it’s advisable to let their owner know as soon as possible. When it comes to canine health, a safety first approach is best.

Apart from clarifying the type of foods allowed, it’s important you know exactly how much to feed your borrowed dog. You could ask the owner for a clearly marked feeding scoop or cup, showing you what portion size is allowed each day, and don’t forget to ask how many treats are allowed too.. You don’t want to be blamed for overfeeding if you’re handing back a more portly pooch at the end of their stay!

Finally, be aware that many foods are toxic or harmful for dogs, so make sure your borrowed dog doesn’t have access to them. These include chocolate, avocado, onions and garlic, grapes and raisins, alcohol, caffeine and citrus fruits, among others."

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