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Benefits of a raw meat diet

Deciding on what type of food is best for your dog can be confusing, especially when there are many options available. Our guest post blogger Cristi has found a few reasons on why a raw meat diet could be right for your dog.

Coat Condition

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One benefit of a raw meat diet for your dog is to improve the condition of their coat. As raw meat is full of protein, this can help their coat stay shiny and healthy. It is important for dogs to have protein in their diet to ensure they have the correct nutrients in their dieting and therefore have a full and active life. Dogs who follow a low protein or cereal based diet often do not get the level of protein needed to help grow a healthy coat.

Developing Muscle

Just like humans, dogs require protein to develop muscle tone and gain weight. Foods rich in protein and fat enable dogs to grow to their full size and give them the best quality of life possible. Also, eating a diet rich in protein can help maintain a dog’s organs, muscle and joints. Building muscle in a dog can help them thrive and give them the strength they need.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

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A raw meat diet can help maintain a dog’s oral hygiene, ensuring their teeth and gums stay in good condition. When oral hygiene is improved, this can help reduce a variety of problems such as bad breath. It has been found that 9 out of 10 dogs who lead a dry food diet develop gum disease within 2 years. This is because there is no amylase in a dog’s saliva which means that they are unable to break down carbohydrate sugars. This results in bacteria growth which leads to poor oral hygiene. You can always try to improve your dog’s oral hygiene by learning how to clean their teeth.

Change in Behaviour

When a dog follows a dry food diet, this can cause poor behaviour. This is because dry food is full of carbohydrates and chemicals which increase high blood sugar, resulting in poor behaviour. Dry food is low in vitamin B which is needed to help soothe the mind as well long storage times. A raw meat diet for dogs can also improve the energy levels of your dog, giving them more motivation and drive.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits when a dog follows a raw meat diet. The difference in raw and cooked food is that raw food is much easier to digest which helps improve digestion and reduces the amount of faeces a dog produces. Also, the smell of your dog’s stools can be more tolerable from a raw meat diet than dry dog food. A raw meat diet usually consists of muscle meat, organ meats such as kidneys, raw eggs and a variety of vegetables. Looking at the types of raw meat you can feed you dog can give you a better idea on what will be best suited to them.

If you would like more advice on the benefits of a raw meat diet for your dog, or are looking into changing your dog’s diet, we recommend you seek advice of your veterinarian beforehand. Premium members can also give our 24/7 Vet line and call, they are more than happy to offer advice.