Top 5 Best Running Buddies

Looking for a motivating running buddy? Here are the top five dog breeds that will always be up for another sprint around the park.

German Shepherds

Their strong body allows them to run for 10 miles or more at a time. They love working and playing and are always up for exercise. Learn more about German Shepherds here.

Siberian Huskies

They have the endurance for both long and cold-weather runs. Running helps them to release excessive energy. Learn more about Huskies here.

Australian Shepherds

Aussies love wide open spaces and can run for long periods of time. Their tremendous energy requires 2-3 hours of daily exercise. Learn more about Australian Shepherds here.

Border Collies

With boundless energy, Collies make running look effortless. This working breed needs a daily challenge to keep them happy. Learn more about Border Collies here.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

These athletic dogs have an amazing amount of stamina. They’ll help you work up a sweat by being a consistent running partner. Learn more about Rhodesian Ridgebacks here

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