Dog friendly things to do to stay active together
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Dog friendly things to do to stay active together

Walking a dog every day could make a big difference in keeping you active, especially in older age, according to research from the University of East Anglia and the University of Cambridge.

We believe having a dog in your life owned or borrower, can boost your health because those who walk regularly with dogs have a higher level of physical activity, than non-regular dog walkers. Give any of the below activities a go with your four-legged companion to stay fit:


Going for a run is one of the best ways to exercise regularly and bond with your dog. Remember you’re working out together; if your dog slows down because they want to stop, that’s fine.

Fancy a try yourself? Read up with our guide on how to start running with your dog (including a couch to 5k plan for you and your pup)!

Consider joining a dog charity running event near you. This is a fun way to race and challenge yourselves, whilst actively supporting those who care about animals in need.

Canicross running

Canicross is a version of cross country running but with dogs! Read how Nicola, one of our borrowers, developed a love for canicross.

Dog Friendly bootcamp

Would you like to move to the next level on your daily dog walks? Sign up to your nearest dog friendly boot camp so you can both keep fit, meet other dog lovers and furry friends.

Playing Fetch

Whether your dog prefers to catch a ball or a frisbee, playing an active game of fetch for a couple of hours can burn up to 200kcal in just 30 minutes. Stop standing there; go and get it first!

Visit our fetching toy guide for a selection of fetch toys.

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There’s no better way to discover amazing landscapes and spend time with your canine pal than hiking. This activity will help you get fit without you even noticing it. Don’t forget to pack enough water for both of you and take a rest every 45 minutes.

Visit your local dog park

Come rain or shine, walking to your nearest dog park is one of the best and simplest ways to keep fit with your dog. Vary your route to mentally and physically stimulate both of you.


Take a refreshing dip with your dog at the beach, lake or river. You’ll have a whale of a time with this low impact exercise.


Only if you’re a skilled skater and have confidence about your dog’s obedience, this could be a great activity to enjoy together. Try to practise it in your local park or an area free of traffic.


This is one for the experienced cyclist and obedient dog. Riding your bike with your four-legged friend is a great way to burn extra energy and build leg muscles.

Important notes for amateur cyclists:

  • Start walking with your bike next to your dog before pedalling at a constant speed; once they got used to it, ride the bike slowly and take regular breaks until you both learn how to work together.
  • Do not use a regular dog lead - you need to purchase a special bicycle lead if you prefer to secure your dog.
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It’s a small wonder 1 in 3 dogs are overweight as research shows 90% of pet owners admit to feeding their dogs unhealthy treats such as cakes, cheese and crisps.

That’s why you should show appreciation for your four-legged friend by trying some fun and interesting exercises to keep them healthy and active. Not only do these activities help with weight control, but they also socialise your dog and limit unruly or attention-seeking behaviour.

There are multiple exciting workouts to do with your pup in addition to their daily walks. For instance, go out and play a more extreme version of fetch called Disc Dog.

Interested in skiing? Skijoring uses one to three dogs to pull a cross country skier down trails, or even race courses!

Indoor activities such as running your dog up and down the stairs and playing tug-of-war can also count towards their daily physical activity.

And remember, just because your dog is small doesn’t mean it needs less exercise. If you are unsure about how much exercise your pup needs, check out our dog breed guides or ask a vet or dog care professional.

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Ideally, exercise your dog twice a day and be sure you can handle them in any situation, even when you’re exercising.

It’s important to warm up before working out with your dog; try a casual short walk before starting other exercises. Remember that sitting or lying down are great indicators to tell you that your dog has had enough. Check your dog’s health conditions with your vet before you begin exercising together.

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