A beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog taking a moment to sit and rest on their afternoon walkies

Top 5 laziest dog breeds

4 October 2023

Every dog requires exercise; however, some prefer the couch potato life to running for hours in the park. If you're looking for a lazy pal, a great way to learn more about the laziest breeds is to join BorrowMyDoggy and start borrowing a pooch today!

Have a look at the most relaxed dogs that will enjoy snuggling on the sofa with you:


If you have space for a big dog, don't mind a bit of drool and have time for the grooming, these loving lazy dogs might be right for you. Learn more about Newfoundlands.

Norman is quite a lazy lump until walk time when he is like a pup.

- Hilary, Norman's owner.


Although known for sprinting at high speeds, after a potter round the park there's nothing a greyhound likes more than a good snooze on the sofa! Learn more about greyhounds.

BB is a larger black boy, who is the laziest dog known to mankind. He is happiest upside down on the sofa and given the chance, wouldn’t move from there!
Doggy members BB & Bronte, the Greyhounds, enjoying a walk together

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are especially friendly with other pets and children. Their sweet puppy eyes showcase their soft personality. Learn more about Basset Hounds.

Doggy member Jean, the Basset Hound, enjoying a lazy morning snoozing on their human's bed
Barry is a big character, he is loyal, loving and very comical! he isn't the most graceful of dog, people who know about hounds will know he likes to do things at his own pace and in his own time. he is quite well trained ie off lead, sit, paw, stay and come unfortunately he can't dance yet!! He is very lazy and will happily snooze by your side all day, he loves cuddles and fuss. Once he is out of bed he will walk for as long as you want him to (we walk him for hours on the weekend) Getting him out of bed is sometimes the trouble :)

Chow Chows

These smart pooches, are quite happy with lower levels of exercise, as long as they are mentally stimulated. They need a good bit of grooming and extra care in the hot weather.

Kevin is a 1 year old fluff ball. He is very friendly and quite lazy and will happily sleep for 20+ hours a day. He does like to play but only when he feels like it (he doesn’t tend to fetch anything). He spends most of his day, when not sleeping, being our neighbourhood watch looking out of our front window.

Doggy member Kevin, the Chow Chow, smiling after his 3rd nap of the day!

Bernese Mountain Dogs

These gorgeous big dogs don't need much exercise in a day, just make sure they don't get too lazy and put on weight! Learn more about Bernese Mountain Dogs.

More than anything else, Emilio absolutely adores chilling out on a sofa and just snoozing with a trusted human. In typical Bernese fashion, Emilio is more than happy to have a lazy day with you - providing you’re willing to shower him with cuddles and belly scratches!

Doggy member Emilio, the Bernese Mountain Dog, sitting on the sofa with their front paws touching the floor in a very lazy manner

Members' stories about their lazy dogs

We've compiled some wagtastic tales to share about our members' lazy four-legged pals.
Labradors, those super friendly and energetic pooches, have been surprising their humans with bouts of laziness.

Our members spill the beans on their Labradors chilling like pros, lazing around the house without a care in the world.

Bandit is so laid back and bit lazy, he has a burst of excitement then slows right down.
Milo is a typical chocolate lab, full of energy and ready to chase the ball one minute, then lazy and ready for cuddles the next!

And let's not forget our Jack Russell Terriers and Lurchers. These speedy breeds also have their snoozy moments. Our members have been telling us about their usually hyperactive furballs opting for some serious couch potato time. It just goes to show that even the most lively breeds appreciate some quality downtime with their adoring owners.

Dolly is the laziest, sweetest girl ever. She’s the same age as Betty, our other Jack Russell Terrier. They have been together forever… Dolly is a lap dog, she is happiest attached to you. She likes a walk but can never be let off the lead as she’s a runner. She is hilariously scared of everything from newspapers and cutlery to any random noises to flies and the occasional door. She’s the perfect bag of neuroses!
Dolly can be quite greedy, her nickname is “Dolly Two Bowls” due to her often eating her sister’s dinner.
Socks is a rescue lurcher and is one of the laziest and most laid back dogs on earth but loves walks. He's very smart, and knows how to sit, stay, shake and high 5! As well as being incredibly well behaved and relaxed.
Socks lives with our lurcher cross Freya. She doesn't seem to have realised that she's no longer a puppy, and is still very energetic and affectionate (which tends to irritate Socks when he wants to spend most of his time in bed).

Looking for a relaxed dog to join you for a tv binge? Or would you like your pooch to stay with a local dog lover instead of being home alone, whenever you can’t be there?

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