Top 5 dogs for first time owners
A cute Bichon Frise pup is sitting amongst the long grass with a pretty blueish-purple flower in their hair.

Top 5 dogs for first time owners

5 May 2023

Reviewed by Dr Jill McMaster BVM&S MBA MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and in-house expert at BorrowMyDoggy on 26 May 2023

Thinking about getting your first dog? Here are the top 5 dog breeds that are best for first time dog owners.

Bichon Frises

Cheerful and docile, they are often good dogs for inexperienced owners. They’re very easy to train and enjoy the company of other pets. Learn more about Bichon Frises.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavis are usually well-behaved, loyal and intelligent. They love to be around their owners as much as possible. Learn more about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Golden Retrievers

They are generally very patient dogs and always looking to please their owners. Sweet and loving, they’re one of the best for first time owners. Learn more about Golden Retrievers.


Smart and disciplined, they can be a good option for first time dog owners. This docile breed is great for those looking for a cuddly companion. Learn more about Papillons.


Labs are very good-natured, playful, and constantly willing to learn. They thrive on being part of the family. Learn more about Labradors.

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