Adorable Dogs & Dogs with Funny Faces 🐶
A dark, brown and tan dog with a small, white stripe down their chest, is lying on their back on a fluffy dog bed. The dog's large ears are flapped back against the floor like rabbits' tall ears, holding a grin from cheek to cheek and eyes wide and bright the dog looks like they're smiling!

Adorable Dogs & Dogs with Funny Faces 🐶

20 November 2022

Woof! What’s the internet for? Looking at cute puppies and funny dogs of course - check out these cute dogs from the BorrowMyDoggy community to improve your day with a few giggles and plenty of audible “ahhhhhhh”s. There were too many to choose from but here’s a representative sample of community cuteness.

When you’ve got different ideas about playtime 🐶 🤔

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Appleby the Golden Retriever and his small human.

Everyone keeps telling you to take the next step but your little legs just can’t take it 👀 😣

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Ralph and Dudley the Dachshunds, sad about the step situation but always dignified and ready for a cuddle.

Albert the adorable Boxer has spent his life to date working on his cute puppy, “please love me forever” face. Great work, Albert 🐶🏆🎖

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You can learn more about beautiful, bouncy Boxers in our Guide to Dog Breeds.

Pure joy in a picture 🌭 🙋

Barry the Dachshund

“Barry, I’M BARRY!”, the silly sausage whose enthusiasm knows no bounds. Someone get this boy a treat 👅

Just an undeniably cute dog having a snooze 😴 💤

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Ace the Chihuahua dreaming in the daytime with the sun on his face, bliss 🌞 but which are the laziest dog breeds? Arguably some of the most adorable too.

Pretty sure no one can see me…if I just stay really still...🙈 👀

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Bunty, the determined hide and seek Spaniel. Actively seeking camouflage tips in exchange for advice on glossy ears and sparkling eyes.

When you’re at one with your environment - Andra the rugged beauty 🏔 🐕 ⛰

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Winner of the Scruffts Cute Dogs award, Andra 💙. Andra will happily guide owners and borrowers across any landscape.

Sharing is caring for Archie and Asha, the best of fluffy friends 👫

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Archie and Asha the Tibetan Terriers - well matched tug of war partners, in training for the world’s gentlest tug of war competition.

Date with a cute dog? 💘🌹

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Indy the Border Collie likes long walks, a good sense of humour, heart shaped dog treats and lots of toys.

And if that wasn’t enough and you still need a pick me up, Cecil will always be there for you ✋🐾💕

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Cecil the Basset Hound has got your back - look at the sincerity in those eyes. No doubt he’ll sniff success before you’re even home - Basset Hounds have an excellent sense of smell - can you guess what other breeds share this trait?

One can never have too many cute puppies to look at, that’s an undeniable fact.

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