A short-haired, white and tan dog with short legs and long, floppy ears is lying down, enjoying a quiet moment in the autumnal grass.

Basset Hound

If you’re looking for one of the most easy going breeds, then a Basset Hound is for you. Whether you’re thinking of borrowing one or getting your own, we’ve pulled together lots of fun and interesting facts you should know about the breed, courtesy of the Basset Hound owners in our community.

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What is a Basset Hound?

Known to be a bit of a clown, Basset Hounds are also an exceptionally well-natured breed. Short legs, droopy eyes, floor length ears, and a very long body add to the breed’s charm. While they are one of the dogs with the best sense of smell, they tend to be quite lazy when not on the hunt.

A white and tan short legged dog sits on sand

How much exercise does a Basset Hound need?

Even though they have short legs, Basset Hounds need a moderate amount of exercise, up to 1 hour a day, to ensure they stay fit and do not become overweight, which is a typical health problem amongst the breed.

Larry is very fit and strong dog, so he is best walked by someone who is confident and also enjoys a good 40-50 minute walk. They also need to be patient with all of Larry's thorough sniffing.

- Sam, owner Larry

What is the temperament of a Basset Hound?

Friendly, patient, and playful, the Basset Hound is also extremely tolerant of other dogs and children, making the breed ideal for families. They also tend be quite vocal with a very deep voice.

A short legged, brown, black and white dog with long floppy ears stands on grass
“Alfie is an affectionate boy who loves company and will be by your side all day. He loves going for walks, enjoys playing in the garden, and is very patient and well behaved with children and adults alike. He also likes the company of other dogs and will play to his and their hearts content.”

- Kylie, Owner of Alfie

Are Basset Hounds easy to train?

Although the breed is patient, Basset Hounds are also stubborn and sometimes slow, so consistent, reward driven training is key

All three of my basset hounds can be very stubborn and difficult to train. However, once they have learnt something, they will never forget.

- Maureen, Owner of Cassie, Nellie and Beau

Two white, brown and black dogs with long ears lie on a blanket on grass

That being said, here are a few funny quirks that some of our members’ pooches have:

John, Owner of Stanley

He loves meeting other dogs. So much so, he will stop hard on his lead if he sees another dog coming to say hello to.

Gemma, Owner of Joey

Joey is a little messy when it comes to mud and loves to get stinky and smelly!

Most common Basset Hound names on BorrowMyDoggy:

  • Rufus
  • Louis
  • Alfie
  • Archie
  • Daisy
  • Elvis
  • Stanley
  • Fred
  • Bertie
  • Mabel

Whether you're teaching your Basset Hound to sit, paw, lay dog or roll, this simple training trick will ensure your dog learns to respond to the first command given.

High paws to our lovely community for letting us share these facts about their Basset Hounds. Paws crossed you found them helpful :)

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