Affordable Dog Walkers in Manchester
An excitable, golden, fluffy dog is playing ball on their walkies through the town green.

Affordable Dog Walkers in Manchester

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A trusted community where Manchester dog owners can find dog walkers who are local, flexible and want to walk dogs because they love them, not to be paid. Find a dog walker from as close as ¼ mile!

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Over 6,300 dog walkers in Manchester.

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How does BorrowMyDoggy compare to traditional dog walkers?

  • More affordable - borrowers help walk local dogs because they love of dogs, not to get paid.
  • One on one attention - our matches are made on an individual basis, compared to dog walkers who often walk multiple dogs.
  • Peace of mind - dog owners can relax knowing their dog is enjoying extra exercise and attention from a verified, insured dog lover.
  • Local - search from as close as ¼ mile to find a dog walker who lives in your neighbourhood.

Dog owner Jane, Manchester: "BorrowMyDoggy has been a great way to meet new people in my area, share our lovely dog with someone else and, as we were paying for a dog walker previously, there was a financial benefit, too. Our dog, Lily, now has two borrowers, who she just loves. When they come over, she gets so excited, which is so lovely to see. BorrowMyDoggy is like a puppy, it’s so enthusiastic and fun." - Lily's owner, Jane

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Manchester Dog Walking Guide

Need some inspiration for your next Manchester dog walk? Here’s a roundup of the best dog walking routes in Heaton Park, Clifton, Medlock Valley and Oldham.

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