Find an Affordable Dog Sitter in York
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Find an Affordable Dog Sitter in York

There’s always times as dog owners, where we need a bit of help with dog care, so how do you go about finding dog sitting in York?

BorrowMyDoggy is a trusted community where York dog owners can find insured, local dog sitters who want to help take care of dogs because they love them, not to be paid. Whether you’re looking for someone to provide company, walks or overnights, BorrowMyDoggy has over 6,620 borrowers in York! Find an at-home dog boarder from as close as ¼ mile away from you today!

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So who are borrowers?

Our pawsome borrowers all have one thing in common - they love dogs! BorrowMyDoggy borrowers often join as they are unable to have their own dog due to lack of time or space. However, they would be so happy to take care of a local pooch because they miss the fun, affection and comfort that man’s best friends provide.

Holly's borrower Joanne from York:

I joined BorrowMyDoggy because I'd really like to have a dog of my own but it's just the wrong time for me to commit to a pooch full time with work. BorrowMyDoggy has given me the opportunity to have great walks and cuddles with dogs in my local area around my own schedule. I love taking Holly for a walk - helping out her owner when she isn't able too get out! It's nice to know that I am helping her out and making a real difference to her and Holly. It's even better to get away from my desk to play along the river! I've absolutely loved meeting so many fantastic people - I haven't been a member for long but I think some great friendships with both four and two legged friends will be formed!

Borrower Angela from York:

BorrowMyDoggy allowed us to have dogs and the enjoyment that comes with them when we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to. The whole family has really enjoyed it. The kids love having the dogs and are always so enthusiastic to go for walks. It’s so much cheaper than owning a dog of our own, too. The owners are lovely and we’ve got on well with everyone we’ve met through BorrowMyDoggy. We’ve found that we’ve made friends with the owners as well as the dogs, which is great. I have recommended BorrowMyDoggy to three different friends and they’ve all joined up and are borrowing."
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Cora and Lucky's owner, Wendy from York:

I joined BorrowMyDoggy as I had never left my dogs with anyone before and needed someone totally trustworthy and experienced with dogs. Alison (my borrower) is and I feel totally relaxed leaving Cora and Lucky with her. They come back to us happy and relaxed. The biggest surprise of all is that the service is free - what a bonus!!

Lottie’s owner, Emma from Yorkshire:

I joined BorrowMyDoggy when Lottie was a young dog and now 8 years later we are still making new friends. It means that Lottie has company when I am working - she goes on all sorts of adventures. I am often envious of her social life! During the peak of the pandemic she spent some time with one of her best friends - a COVID nurse who found herself completely alone to protect her family and friends from the virus. Lottie was able to go and keep her company for a few days at a time. Lottie loved every minute of it, and had no idea what a difference she was making. BorrowMyDoggy has connected us with people who need us as much as we need them and we love it.

How does BorrowMyDoggy compare to traditional dog walkers?

  • More affordable - borrowers help walk and care for local dogs because they love dogs, not to get paid.
  • One to one attention - our matches are made on an individual basis, compared to dog walkers who often walk multiple dogs.
  • Peace of mind - dog owners can relax knowing their dog is enjoying extra exercise and attention from a verified, insured dog lover.
  • Local - search from as close as ¼ mile to find a dog walker who lives in your neighbourhood.

Over 6,620 dog walkers in York.

Dog friendly York

York is known for its beauty and history, but did you know it’s also a very dog-friendly city!

Your dog is welcome on both bus and boat sightseeing tours, which can be a great way to investigate the area, and there are also loads of wagtastic walks for you and your pooch to enjoy.

Wander through the streets with your pup and visit many of the dog-friendly shops, take in the beautiful Rowntree Park near the centre of town, and head further out for an adventure at Fulford Ings.

And when you and your fluffy friend need a little break from your walking, head to one of the many dog-friendly pubs, restaurants and cafes in York, including Penny’s Bespoke Foodhouse, Fancy Hank’s Bar and Kitchen, and Dough Eyed Pizza.

Dog friendly York

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