Affordable Dog Sitting in Leeds
Doggy member Luna, the Cocker Spaniel lying down on a fluffy mat in the living room

Affordable Dog Sitting in Leeds

21 September 2023

A trusted community where Leeds dog owners can find dog sitters who are local, flexible and want to help take care of dogs simply because they love spending time with a dog. Find at-home dog boarding from as close as ¼ mile away!

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Over 21,190 dog sitters in Leeds.

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There’s always a time as dog owners, where we need a bit of help with dog care, so how do you go about finding dog sitting in Leeds?

BorrowMyDoggy is a trusted community where Leeds dog owners can find insured, local dog sitters who want to help take care of dogs for love, not profit. Whether you’re looking for someone to provide company, walks or overnights, BorrowMyDoggy has over 21,190 borrowers in Leeds! Find at-home dog boarding or a live-in dog sitter from as close as ¼ mile away from you today.

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So who are borrowers?

Our pawsome borrowers all have one thing in common - they love dogs! BorrowMyDoggy borrowers often join as they are unable to have their own dog due to a lack of time or space. However, they would be so happy to take care of a local pooch because they miss the fun, affection and comfort that man’s best friends provide.

How does BorrowMyDoggy compare to traditional dog sitting?

  • More affordable - borrowers help take care of local dogs because they love dogs, they do not charge for their time.
  • One-on-one attention - our matches are made on an individual basis, compared to dog sitters who often take care of multiple dogs.
  • Peace of mind - dog owners can relax knowing their dog is enjoying extra exercise and attention from a verified, insured dog lover.
  • Local - search from as close as ¼ mile to find dog sitters who live in your neighbourhood.

Member stories from dog-sitting experiences in Leeds

Luna's owner, Julie from Leeds:

Our dog has loved the lovely folk who have walked her or had her to stay whilst we have been away for the weekend and also whilst we were in Italy for a while. The current couple she is seeing she absolutely adores and when we are out for a walk she drags me to their house, which luckily is not far away, and she knows she has a toy box there!
Doggy member Luna, the Saarloos Wolfdog enjoying a walk to her dog sitters!

Meesha and Bella’s borrower, Sarah from Leeds:

My partner and I both love dogs, but we work full time so it’s impossible to have one of our own as it wouldn’t be fair. We signed up to BorrowMyDoggy and I’m so glad we did! We arranged to meet Meesha and Bella, two Poodles, and were so excited. We totally fell in love with them! We’re now part of their pack and couldn’t ask for better - they’re ideal dogs. We have totally bonded with them - it’s absolutely brilliant.

How to find the perfect dog sitter in Leeds

Finding a dog sitter in Leeds doesn't have to be ruff.

First, consider what type of service you're looking for. There are dozens of companies that offer dog sitting services in Leeds, so take some time to research your options. BorrowMyDoggy offers a community of dog lovers who will happily take your furry friend on walks, give them extra snuggles and provide overnight care or (if agreed) even live-in care. Once you've decided on the type of service you need, you can start narrowing down your choices.

Next, consider your budget. Dog sitting services can vary widely in price so it's important to find one that fits your budget. Joining our dog-sharing community has helped other dog owners save money and we can help save you money in the long run. Our annual membership only costs £44.99 for dog owners for unlimited use without any extra fees.

Finally, make sure you and your pup are comfortable with the dog sitter you choose. Schedule a meet-and-greet beforehand so you can both get to know them and make sure they're a good fit for your pooch. Ask about their experience, read reviews from other pet owners, and make sure you're confident in their ability to take care of your dog.

We also provide a guide for a Welcome Woof to ensure you can build a long-lasting, trusting relationship with your borrower.

With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect dog sitter in Leeds!

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Dog-friendly Leeds

Leeds is a great place for dog walking, with one of the largest parks in Europe in Oakwood’s, 700 acre Roundhay Park. But that’s not the only place for a workout with your pup, other wagtastic walks in Leeds include Meanwood Park in Headingley, Beckett Park at Leeds Beckett University or why not enjoy the greenlands and woods of Middleton Park?

If you build up an appetite with all that walking, lots of cafes, pubs and restaurants in Leeds love to welcome our canine companions, including the Woods, Chapel Allerton, the Myrtle Tavern, Meanwood and the Nation of Shopkeepers, near Leeds Cathedral.

Our favourite dog walks in Leeds

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