The best low fat dry dog food in the UK
Penfold the Springador enjoying his dry food in a red bowl

The best low fat dry dog food in the UK

5 May 2023

Written and reviewed by Dr Jill McMaster BVM&S MBA MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and in-house expert at BorrowMyDoggy

Sometimes our dogs can gain a little too much weight, and get a bit out of shape. Maybe they’re eating too much? Or exercising too little? Or it might just be a bit of both? Whatever the cause, having your dog at a healthy weight can reduce their risk of so many different health issues, and support them towards living a long, happy, healthy life.

How to support your dog to lose weight?

One of the best ways to help your dog gradually bring down their weight is through reducing their calorie intake. So firstly you need to cut out the treats, and secondly reduce either the amount of food they’re getting or why not try a lower fat dog food option. As well as this, if your dog is able, and the weather and conditions are suitable, make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise too.

Amstel the Dobermann looking up close to the camera

Some low-fat food dry food options

If your pooch likes dry food, here are some low-fat dry options available to help your dog get trim. Prices are based on an ‘average’ 20kg dog.

Arden Grange Dry Adult Dog Food Light with Fresh Chicken and Rice


Price: £0.99 per day for 20kg dog*

What we love:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains additional natural supplements
  • Can be bought online or in your local pet shop

Best for:

  • Dogs with wheat, beef, soya or dairy intolerances
  • Overweight dogs, or those prone to weight gain

Royal Canin Light Weight Care


Price: £1.50 per day for 20kg dog*

What we love:

  • Daily amount fed can be adapted to how active your dog is
  • Subscription available
  • Added fibre to help fill a hungry pooch’s tum

Best for:

  • Fast eaters, the special shaped kibbles support dogs to eat slower
  • Fussy eaters, with wet food options also available

Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed Weight Control Dog Food


Price: £0.63 per day for 20kg dog*

What we love:

  • Options available for different sizes of dogs
  • Special kibble shape to try to help keep teeth clean
  • Contains natural health promoting supplements

Best for:

  • Adult dogs aged between 1 and 7
  • Neutered dogs

Pablo the Cockador sitting patiently in the kitchen ready for breakfast

If you want to try a new dog food, be sure it suits your individual dog, and also to gradually change your dog over from their old food. And if you’re trying to shed some pounds off your pooch, make sure to weigh the amount of food they’re getting, and cut out those treats and leftovers!

Good luck with your dog’s weight loss journey!

*Prices may vary. Always consult with your veterinary surgeon if you have any queries about your dog’s diet or general health. This article is for information only, and should never replace any advice, diagnosis or treatment from your veterinary surgeon. Always contact your local vet or out of hours vet without delay if you have any concerns about your dog.

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