Beneficial ingredients for your dog

Beneficial ingredients for your dog

20 July 2023

An important part of keeping your dog healthy is making sure they eat a good quality diet. Dogs are omnivores, which means they benefit from both meat and plant-based foods. There are lots of great quality dog foods available, and you should always feed your dog based on their age, weight and if they have any specific health issues that a special diet would benefit. By feeding them a high-quality commercial dog food, you can be sure your fuzzy friend is getting all the nutrition they need.

Doggy member Hunter, the Cross Breed with his bowl of dry food in the van on a road trip!
Doggy member Hunter, the Cross Breed

What are the essential parts of your dog’s diet?

  1. Protein
    Protein is a really important part of your pooch’s diet. Proteins have lots of tasks, including helping to support growth, preserving existing body structure, supporting the immune system and they can also be used as an energy source. Protein is found in foods including meats, eggs, lentils and beans. It’s important to note that too much protein can lead to weight gain and digestive upsets.

  2. Carbohydrates
    Carbohydrates are an excellent source of fuel for your dog. They can also help support their digestive function. Sources of carbohydrates include good-quality grains and dog-safe vegetables.

  3. Fats
    Fats have an important role to play in your dog’s health and wellbeing. Good quality fats are useful to provide energy, help with vitamin absorption, support body temperature regulation, help nervous system and immune system function, and support skin and coat quality. Always be careful of the quantities of fat your dog has, especially if they are overweight. Fat sources can include meats and fish.

  4. Vitamins and Minerals
    Vitamins and minerals are fundamental in the functioning of your dog’s body. They have loads of different functions including helping wound healing, supporting nervous system health and ensuring a healthy bone structure. Dogs need different vitamins and minerals in their diet, including for example vitamin D, which is fundamental to bone structure, and unlike humans who can synthesise it from sunlight exposure, dogs must get it from their diet. It is vital not to over supplement vitamins and minerals in dogs though, as it can lead to toxicity or other health issues. A balanced commercial diet can help to make sure your dog gets the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals.
Doggy member Bemmie, the Jack Russell Terrier sat at the picnic bench like a human!
Doggy member Bemmie, the Jack Russell Terrier

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to selecting a balanced dog food for your pooch why not check out our favourite dog food.

Or if you’re preparing to bring a puppy home check out our guide to feeding your puppy.

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