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How to have a dog friendly BBQ

Summer is finally upon us and that means all those pawsome summer activities are making a comeback! Trips to the beach, fun picnics in the park and going swimming are just some of the fun things you can get up to. A strong summer favourite is a BBQ, and whether that be at a party or just at home, they are a great way to spend a warm day.

As fun as BBQs are, we want to make sure our canine companions have a fun time too, so we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to have a dog friendly BBQ. Take a look at them below

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BBQ food safe for dogs

  • Burgers - A few small pieces of a beef burger will be a welcome treat, but not too much as it can contact lots of fats.
  • Hot dogs - Try cutting them up into small pieces and using them like treats, they’ll go nuts for them!
  • Grilled meat or fish - Meats like steak and chicken in small portions will be gobbled up in no time, remember to remove all cooked bones.
  • Grilled veg - Dog friendly vegetables like courgette and sweet potato are a great idea
  • Fruits - See if your pup likes any summer fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and watermelon, you can also freeze them for a cooling treat.

BBQ food your dogs should avoid

Even food that is doggy friendly we always recommend for them to enjoy in moderation as it can cause tummy upset if they each too much or variety of things, particularly if they’re quite young. Also avoid these following things:

  • Cooked bones - chicken, steak and any other meat or fish containing bones should be avoided as they can splinter and cause harm
  • Onions - they’re often grilled or popped in burgers at BBQ so keep them out of reach of pup
  • Avocado - again, these are often a popular side at BBQs so make sure your dog doesn’t eat them

We have a more detailed list of foods that are toxic to dogs that you can read through that we may not have included here.

How to keep them safe

There are a few things to consider and think about if you’re hosting or thinking of having a BBQ with a dog. The first is the BBQ itself, remember to keep it away from curious pups away, particularly when the coals are hot or flaming. You can always keep your dog on a lead or ask a family member or friend to keep an eye over them while the cooking takes place, or if your BBQ has a lid, keep it down with your dog is around. Keep any charcoal, lighter fluid, matches or fire starters out of pup’s reach too.

On a hot day do remember to keep a close eye on your dog to make sure they’re having enough water and stay in the shade where possible. We have more information on how to keep your dog safe in the heat too if you’d like to read up!

Keep rubbish and left over bones out of reach, keep a secure rubbish bin or container to help. Especially for those doggies that love to scavange! If your dog is going to be around children keep a close eye on them both of them, especially if your pup is a known food thief!

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BBQ treats especially for your dogs

Of course there are a few things you can feed your dog at a BBQ but why not treat them to something especially for them. Here are a few simple things you can whip up and serve them.

  • Doggy kebabs - On a skewer pop some your doggy favourite meat and veggies (staying away from toxic foods) and cook! Remember to remove the stick before you serve to your pup.
  • A fishy feast - Salmon is a great treat for your furry friend as they’re high in protein, good fats and amino acids. These can be skewered or grilled on their own.
  • Fruit salad - Fresh fruit can help your pup feel refreshed on a hot day. Mix up a few of their favourite fruits or mix some of their dinner with some fruits if they’re not too keen.

We’re sure you and your dog (borrowed or owned) will have a great summer together and now there’s no need to leave them out of a BBQ party! Let us know if you have any further tips or advice for a doggy BBQ on Facebook.

Woofs and tail-wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team