5 Hot Weather Hacks: Keeping Your Dog Entertained in a Heatwave
splashy entertainment for 2 dogs on a hot day

5 Hot Weather Hacks: Keeping Your Dog Entertained in a Heatwave

15 June 2023

Written and reviewed by Dr Jill McMaster BVM&S MBA MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and in-house expert at BorrowMyDoggy on 14 June 2023

Summertime is a great oppawtunity to get out and enjoy the weather, but as the temperatures soar and we put on our shorts and t-shirts, we need to remember that our pooches are still wearing fur coats! Dogs aren’t very good at temperature regulation, so our pups are limited to panting and losing a bit of heat through their paw pads, so it’s our responsibility to make sure they keep cool.

A lot of doggos are still keen to have fun, but it’s supaw important to be summer safe with your BFF as if they get too warm they are at risk from heatstroke or they can damage their paws from walking on hot tarmac. So how can you safely entertain your bored pup on a hot day?

1. Take the fun indoors

On hot days it’s a good idea to move indoors for playtime. Find a cool room, and why not dig through the toy box and find toys you haven’t played with in a while? Or looking for something new, you can try some DIY and make them a new toy!

Gizmo, the Jack Russell Terrier

2. Make a splash

Does your dog like water? If so, a paddling pool might be the pawfect addition to the garden. A basic paddling pool filled up with cool water to a low level, and a few floaty toys, will give your pup a chance to cool off and have hours of fun. Just make sure to keep the water nice, clean and cool, changing it daily and taking out any stinging insects or other wildlife that might land in it. And always be sure to supervise your pooch in the water, don’t force them to go in if it’s not for them and make sure they’re wearing dog-friendly sunscreen too!

Mabel, the West Highland Terrier

3. More than just looking cool

Unfortunately we can’t hide our pups indoors all day, they need to go out for toilet time, but try and make sure any walks are earlier and later on, when it should be a little bit cooler. To make your BFF even cooler why not try a cooling coat or bandana. You can even get cool mats for your pooch to relax on in the garden, just make sure you keep it in the shade. Got no shade and your pup just won’t stay inside while you’re sorting the garden? Check out a sunshade dog bed.

Or check out our guide on dog cooling products!

Minnie, the cross breed

4. Time for treats

Summertime is a great excuse for some icy treats, and there’s no need to leave your fuzzy friend out. With lots of dog-friendly ice cream options available from companies like Jude’s and Scoop’s, you’re sure to have a happy pup. Alternatively, make your own frozen treatos like our watermelon and mango ice pups or frozen yoghurt bones, your pooch might even lend a helping paw.

Pinky, the cross breed

5. Chill out

Needing an excuse for a lazy day watching a movie with your barky bestie, now you have it - it’s too hot to go outside. So pop on 101 Dalmatians, Bolt or Marley and Me (maybe fast forward the sad bit!), get comfy and spend the day chilling with your best puppy pal.

So this summer remember, just because it’s hot outside, shouldn’t mean you can’t have a lovely time with your pooch. Just be sure to keep them cool, indoors as much as possible and reduce the amount of outdoor exercise.

Dolly, the Labradoodle

This article is for information only, and should never replace any advice, diagnosis or treatment from your veterinary surgeon. Always contact your local vet or out of hours vet without delay if you have any concerns about your dog.

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