Paws for thought this Christmas | Unusual doggy incidents
Health and advice19 December 2017Paws for thought this Christmas | Unusual doggy incidents

Paws for thought this Christmas | Unusual doggy incidents

The decorations are up, the wrapping is under way and the festive tunes are blaring - it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! We want our community to have the most pawfect holidays but with festivities underway are you keeping an eye on your favourite four-legged friend?

Here are some interesting facts from our friends over at Vets Now which have made us paws for thought.

An astounding third of pet owners will experience an emergency this festive season and Vet Now reports a 33% surge in calls during the run-up to Christmas. There is also a 788% increase in chocolate poisoning cases alone over Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Ack!

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Here are a few of the most unusual cases to come through Vet Now’s emergency hospitals and clinics at Christmas time.

  1. Jealous of his owner’s Christmas dinner - a 7 year old Labrador devoured a block of stilton, an entire pack of six Mince Pies, a Christmas Pudding and a box of chocolates, all in one sitting.
  2. A 13 year old Jack Russell managed to glue his mouth shut after scoffing a Christmas cracker and toy playing cards, inadvertently making a papier-mâché – it really was a silent night.
  3. Intrigued by the twinkling fairy lights, a one year old kitten ascended the Christmas tree to see if these sparkly objects were in fact new toys, unfortunately she ended up with scorched paws, a burnt tongue and consequently no Christmas dinner.
  4. Emergency surgery had to be performed on a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel after it ingested an entire bath towel which was wrapped round a turkey. Luckily, the spaniel made a full recovery, but the veterinary surgeon is still left wondering why the turkey was wrapped in a bath towel!
  5. Cats can be clumsy, as one cat proved last Christmas when he knocked over a snow globe, and either curious to have a taste, or just trying to clear up the mess he made, the cat ingested some of the liquid inside, resulting in a very poorly pet and an emergency trip to the vets.

Thanks to prompt action of the pet owners and the emergency service all these pets made a full recovery. However we advise pet owners to be mindful of the increased risk of illness or injury when treats and trinkets are in abundance over the festive period.

Dave Leicester, Head of Clinical Intelligence, Vets Now said: “We are encouraging pet owners not to let treats turn into treatment. There are well-known dangers – such as chocolate and raisins – that could put your pet at risk this Christmas, but many pet owners might not be aware of the more unexpected dangers that could see you spending your Christmas in the pet emergency room.”

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