Top 5 Laziest Dog Breeds

Every dog requires exercise; however, some prefer the couch potato life to running for hours in the park. Have a look at the most relaxed dogs that will enjoy snuggling on the sofa with you:


Bullmastiffs are generally happy with little exercise. Particularly laid back, they like to care for their family. Learn more about Bullmastiffs here

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are especially friendly with other pets and children. Their sweet puppy eyes showcase their soft personality. Learn more about Basset Hounds here.

English Bulldogs

Nap time with their owners is the best part of the day for them. Bulldogs enjoy short walks and tend to prefer staying at home. Learn more about English Bulldogs here.

Chinese Shar Peis

Daily short walks are all that Shar Peis need. Be aware they don’t do well in hot weather. Learn more about Shar Peis here


Pugs spend most of the time on the couch, if you let them. Living with them is easy, even with their peculiar snore. Learn more about Pugs here.

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