Top 5 Biggest Dog Breeds

There are big dogs and then there are BIG dogs. Do you know which ones they are?

Great Danes

These super-sized dogs can weigh up to 90kg. The world’s overall biggest dog is Zeus, measuring over 1 metre in height. Learn more about Great Danes here.

English Mastiffs

The heaviest dogs are English Mastiffs, weighing over 100kg. Currently, a dog called Hercules holds the world record weight at 127kg. Learn more about Mastiffs here.


Newfoundlands often measure up to 74cm. Even with 80kgs of weight, they excel in rescuing people from water. Learn more about Newfoundlands here.


Nicknamed ‘gentle lions’, their strong muscles weigh up to 68kg. Leonbergers have a well-balanced body, standing at 80cm tall. Learn more about Leonbergers here

Irish Wolfhounds

Among one of the tallest dogs, they still are very lightweight. When standing on their hind legs, they can measure up 2m tall. Learn more about Irish Wolfhounds here

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