Dog friendly pubs in the UK
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Dog friendly pubs in the UK

17 November 2022

In the UK and Ireland, we love to go out for meals and drinks, bringing family and friends along with us too. And fortunately there’s one family member that’s not missing out any longer, as more pubs, cafes and restaurants are now inviting us to enjoy our food and drinks with our canine companions in tow.

But what if your pooch hasn’t been to a pub before? What should you look for in the pawfect pup-friendly pub? And where can you visit in your local area?


What makes a dog-friendly pub?

Ok so this seems like a simple question, and yes obviously the answer is that dogs are allowed, but one dog-friendly establishment can be very different to another!

Due to health and safety requirements dogs are not allowed in areas where food is being prepared, handled or stored, but there is no law about dogs in areas where food is served, and that is up to the discretion of an individual establishment, with some allowing dogs in to certain areas.

Finding a dog friendly pub near you isn’t hard – there are plenty of websites and apps that will help you find one in no time! Many pubs list their pet policies on their website or social media, but we’ve done some research for you to save you some time and find your perfect dog friendly pub near you!

If you’re still unsure about whether or not a particular pub in your neighbourhood welcomes four-legged friends, give them a call – chances are they’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about bringing your pup along!

George, the Miniature Dachshund

So what should you know before you visit?

  • Some dog-friendly pubs only let you sit with your dog in some spaces. So you might have to eat in the dog-friendly bar area for example. Some other places although ‘dog-friendly’ only allow dogs in their outdoor spaces, lovely for a summer’s day but might be less fun on a rainy day!
  • Some places will provide your dog with a bowl of water, treats and some even do dog menus! Others might not be able to manage those things, so check if you need to bring your own bowl and water, and check with staff where you can put it, so you’re not at risk of causing an accident.
  • There are restaurants that only have one or two dog-friendly tables, so you might have to book in advance if you are planning on lunch with your lurcher!
  • Always check if dogs are allowed in all day. Some places only let dogs in at quiet times, so your pooch might not be welcome when the pub is busy.
  • Remember that your dog is your responsibility wherever you go with them, so make sure to keep them away from any areas where they could hurt themselves, keep them under control and avoid any mess. You could be liable for any damage caused by your dog! Check out our article on how to get your dog used to the pub.

Daisy, the Cockapoo

Are there dog-friendly pubs near me?

There are lots of dog-friendly pubs all over the UK and Ireland.  Find some of them here, or why not let us know your favourite dog friendly spot here!

Dog friendly pubs in London

Did we miss your favourite dog-friendly pub? Please add your suggestion here!

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