Dog friendly zoos in the UK
Dax the Japanese Shiba Inu sitting on a very large tree trunk

Dog friendly zoos in the UK

3 May 2023

Dogs are a beloved part of many British homes, but all too often, our loyal pooches have to be left at home when we want to do something fun, like visit the zoo - until now!

We've scoured the UK for dog-friendly zoos so you can take your four-legged friend with you on your next outing.

Milo the Border Collie excited for a trip to the zoo

What You Need To Know About Dog Friendly Zoos

Dog friendly zoos and safari parks offer a unique experience for pet owners and their pooches alike. Make sure you keep in mind when taking your pup to one of these awesome attractions that:

  • All dogs must remain on a lead throughout the entire zoo
  • Some areas may be excluded from entry if there is concern about a particular species being disturbed by your pup's presence
  • Most zoos will require you to bring evidence that your dog is up to date on vaccinations before entry
  • Dog waste bins should be provided onsite for responsible disposal

Harriet the Cross Breed on her best behaviour as she explores the zoo

Where Can I Find A Dog Friendly Zoo?

Here's our list of dog friendly zoo attractions across the United Kingdom:

Cotswolds Wildlife Park

At Cotswold Wildlife Park, you can take your pup on a journey through the park and explore all the different species of animals. You'll also get to see meerkats, lions, zebras and other exotic creatures up close.

Dogs may be brought into the Park provided that they are kept on a lead and under adult control at all times. Dogs may not be taken indoors or into the Bat Belfry, Reptile House, Children's Farmyard and any areas with free ranging animals. Please clean up after your dog and ask at the Pay Desk for a poop bag.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Make a splash and bring your pup to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary! A pooch friendly paradise, complete with 42 acres of woodlands for them to explore.

Keep their vaccinations up-to-date before you go - other than that it's all paws on deck in most areas (just not the Cafe or Hospital). They've got free degradable doggy bags around the site and water bowls galore so no need to worry about thirst or any messes they might make. And if there’s extra treats needed there are some at reception plus some special goodies in the shop too!

Golders Hill Park Zoo in London

Unlike many animal parks, Golders Hill Park Zoo is actually dog-friendly! This means you can bring your floofy friend along to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the zoo. Just make sure to keep them on a lead at all times and be respectful of the other animals and visitors.

The zoo features a variety of animals, including owls, porcupines, and ring-tailed lemurs.

Dudley the Bichon Frise excitedly walking towards the zoo entrance

Unfortunately, that’s all when it comes to dog friendly zoos in the UK. There are plenty of zoos that have dog kennels at the entrance, but not everyone may feel comfortable leaving their furry friend behind for the day.

So… we’ve added a list of dog-friendly mini-zoos or animal farms in this article on dog friendly farms so you can keep on adventuring with your BFF.

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