Things To Do With Dogs

Things To Do With Dogs

Creating a personalised dog-friendly bucket list helps you collate all the ideas you have had, but might forget to do with your dog. When you’re looking for inspiration on a weekend or during a holiday with your pup, you can refer to your list.

We have put together 10 ideas to help get you started with your list. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, if you live in the city or the countryside, these ideas cover all the bases for a great day with your pooch.

Check out the video of Baloo ticking off things on his bucket list with the help of his borrower, Georgia!

1) Bake with your dog

Spend a rainy day indoors baking something dog-friendly and delicious. Check out our recipaws for some tasty ideas!

2) Go sightseeing

Why not explore a new area of your city that you have been meaning to discover or visit a new city. The most dog-friendly cities include Southampton, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol and Nottingham.

3) Visit a dog-friendly cafe

With a rise in dog cafes and dog-friendly restaurants, you are now spoiled for choice. Whether you opt for a cafe that has a menu just for dogs or visit a pub that offers dog treats and water, you are sure to have a relaxing meal alongside your pooch.

4) Go to a farm

If you have a city pup, why not take them to a farm and introduce them to the animals there? This can be great mental stimulation for them as they discover new sights and smells.

5) Get lunch at a dog-friendly market

With amazing smells and lots of treats for both humans and dogs, a food market is a great activity that doesn’t take up too much time.

6) Explore new terrain with your dog

Explore a beach, a forest or go on a hike and discover a new favourite trail. Whether you travel somewhere new to do this or find a new spot on your doorstep, this is sure to tire out your pup and boost your mood!

7) Throw them a doggy birthday party

Invite over their favourite doggy pals, bake some pawsome treats and pop a party hat on them.

8) Stay at a dog-friendly hotel

Spending a night or weekend away is always such a treat but leaving your dog behind can be sad. Leaving them with a local borrower is a great alternative, but there are now lots of dog-friendly hotels to choose from if you prefer! Have a pampering weekend at a spa hotel or stay in the countryside with lots of great walks around you.

9) Do a dog-friendly sport

If you have an adventurous pooch, you could do something like paddle-boarding or kayaking. There are lots of water sports centres that now offer these sessions!

10) Have a photoshoot together

Remember your friendship for years to come with a photoshoot. Whether it is classic or themed, it is a great thing to own and commemorate your time together.

Hopefully, you have lots of ideas now and are ready to get started on your first adventure. What ideas would you add to your list?

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