December Breed of the Month - Beagle
Just for fun4 December 2018December Breed of the Month - Beagle

December Breed of the Month - Beagle

Can you believe we’re in our last and final month of the year? Where has the time gone? But no need to fear as it’s time to celebrate our last breed of the month, the Beagle! Here are some cute, pawsome and interesting facts about the wooftastic dog breed:

Did you know?

  • Early Beagles were said to be only around 9 inches high, small enough to carry around in a pocket. They were bred to be a larger size to help with hunting.
  • They are said to be ‘purebred’ if there is white in their tails, without this they are classed as a mix.
  • Probably the most famous Beagle of all time is Snoopy from the Peanut comics and films.
  • Although Queen Elizabeth is a lover of Corgis, Queen Elizabeth I loved and owned pocket Beagles - they were small enough to fit in one hand.

Beagles are gentle, happy and energetic dogs that are absolutely perfect for any family. As they love to be part of the pack, they need quite a bit of exercise and attention. They’re protective of their environments but not aggressive, making them a great guard dog. A healthy Beagle can live for over 15 years.

Here are some of our Beagle members:

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