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How the Pet Health Club makes life easier for owners and their beloved dogs

Whether they’re jumping up to greet us as we return from a long and tiring day, trudging through muddy fields with a toy clamped in their grinning jaws or just snuggling into us on a brisk autumnal evening… dogs really do give us their all. 

What’s more, they don’t ask for much in return either – just food, exercise and some basic health care treatments. 

We’ve teamed up with The Pet Health Club, who make it easier for you – and other busy dog owners – to provide your dog with all the preventative care they need. With the Pet Health Club, you’ll wave goodbye to one-off vet bills and missed appointments. Instead, your dog’s routine, preventative treatments (the things they need throughout the year, even when they’re healthy) will be covered for a fixed monthly fee. 

Here’s how it works:

To sign up online or find your nearest Pet Health Club practice, visit their website. You can sign your dog up for just £15.60 per month, and here’s what you’ll get in return:

  • Your dog’s annual vaccinations against Parvo, Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough and more
  • A ‘nose-to-tail’ health check every 6 months to make sure they’re in good condition (and spot it early on if they’re not)
  • Flea & worm treatments, specially tailored to your dog
  • A microchip when you join, or £10 voucher if your dog is already chipped
  • 25% off scrumptious diets
  • 20% off neutering
  • Nail clippings

And that’s not all. Your membership will come with a great text reminder service, meaning you’ll never forget to give your dog their flea & worm treatments or to visit the vets. 

And because you’re a BorrowMyDoggy member…

Just like us, the Pet Health Club are devoted to making life as easy as possible for pets and their owners. If you sign up to the Pet Health Club online using the promo code PHCBMD1, your dog will get a FREE funky cooling bandana.

For more info, or to find your nearest Pet Health Club practice, visit

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