A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy lies in bed looking off to the distance

Is My Dog Bored?

Let’s admit it, we all worry about our doggies and what they get up to when they are home without us. And let’s not deny that time you put that doggy home camera in your Amazon basket. But how do we know that our dogs aren’t too bored when we’re out and about, or even when we’re home and watching that fifth season of Friends on repeat? Well here’s a few things to look for.

1) General mischief

Have you come home to what can only be compared to a small explosion in rubbish factory? Rubbish everywhere, your favourite items of clothing around the house, or perhaps lamps or your photos have been knocked over all over the floor. Don’t worry you’re not alone, a bored doggy can try and create keep his or her self entertained by turning your house into a theme park.

2) Barking

We all know dogs like to bark out of the blue, and there can be several reasons for this, however a common cause is boredom. Perhaps if you find your doggy howling in the yard, or barking out the window it’s time to grab the tennis ball, head the park and play a long game of fetch.

Archie the Australian Kelpie at home. His mouth is open, was he barking?

3) Digging

Come home to numerous holes in your grass? Digging is said to be self-rewarding behaviour, not only does it release energy but it gives your doggy something to do. If you want to keep that perfect manicured lawn perhaps invest in some durable chew toys.

4) Biting

Biting can be a sign of boredom, particularly if they are following you around the house biting at your ankles or clothing. This puppy-like behaviour can be a key indicator that your dog has too much unused energy - it’s fun for them, not for your ankles.

Doggy member Bella lies in a pile of stuffing from destroying a toy

5) Destructive chewing

No matter how much you spend on dog toys, your favourite four legged friend tends to always manage to put their teeth into something not designed for their entertainment. Have you come home to that new rug with a lovely slobbery tattered edge or even a hole in the sofa? It’s absolutely fine it has happened before, but perhaps your doggy needs a little less time alone and more time running around in the park.

We hope these signs may help you detect a bored doggy, perhaps you can find a pawfect borrower to help you when your dog may be home alone. No harm in looking right?

If you want your doggy’s photo to feature in our next post feel free to email your images or videos to mystory@borrowmydoggy.com along with your dog’s name.

Have a wooftastic day!

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