BorrowMyDoggy dogs love their borrowers
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BorrowMyDoggy dogs love their borrowers

As an owner, we understand your main concern about BorrowMyDoggy may be your dog’s happiness and safety. Our aim is to create a trusted community where dogs have the best life possible. But have you considered that by joining, your dog could actually gain a new best friend?

How will I know if my dog likes our borrower?

The BorrowMyDoggy community takes safety very seriously, and it’s all about getting to know each other well before a dog is borrowed. Just as you you would with a friend, family member, kennel or dog walker, it's important people get to know each other and ensure everyone is happy. As owner Kate shares, “at no point was Selene a stranger. By the time I’d decided she’d be spending time with Minnie, we were friends.”

When owners ask us, “how will I know if my dog likes our borrower” our answer is simple - BorrowMyDoggy dogs don't just like their borrowers, they love them! Watch this short video to see just how excited the dogs get when they see their borrowers.

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