Best dog shampoo

Best dog shampoo

We all know too well that a well-earned walkie can often result in a mucky pup. Fear not, as we’ve had a sniff around and have found some pawsome products that will make your doggy look and smell wagulous.

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Pet Head

Started by the original creators of Bed Head Hair for humans, Pet Head began out of a love for animals. The line includes a whole range of products aimed specially for dogs, including paw wipes and tangle spray for smooth, tangle-free fur… how absowooofly wagnificent.

Mungo & Maud

Mungo & Maud offer some pawsome products to help achieve a soft and shiny look from shampoo and conditioner to combs and dog fragrance, and you can even buy a little grooming bag to keep it all in too, high paws!

When buying a shampoo for your pooch, remember that your dog might have more sensitive skin than others and not all products suit all dogs. Also if your dog has allergies, a skin infection, or inflamed, reddened skin you should always contact your vet before choosing a shampoo for them. But there’s so many great products out there, you should be able to find something pawfect for your pooch and if you need help, be sure to speak to your vets.

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