Top 5 Smartest Dogs

Looking for a four-legged Einstein? Here’s a roundup of the five smartest dog breeds.

Border Collies

This workaholic breed is prized for its problem-solving intelligence. As the premier sheep herder, they have extraordinary instinct and drive. Learn more about Border Collies here.


This curly haired breed can be easily trained to obey and hunt. They’re noted to be as smart as an average 2 ½ year old human. Learn more about Poodles here.

German Shepherds

Highly intelligent, they’re the world's leading police and service dogs. Because they’re so loyal, they love spending time with their family. Learn more about German Shepherds here.

Golden Retrievers

Intelligent and eager to please, they’re ideal as a guide dogs. They have remarkable obedience and always try their best. Learn more about Golden Retrievers here.

Doberman Pinschers

Originally from Germany, they are a fearless and alert dogs. They learn very quickly to please and guard their pack. Learn more about Doberman Pinschers here.

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