Top 5 Fastest Dogs

Is your dog built for speed? See if your four legged sprinter made it onto our list of the five fastest dog breeds.

Greyhounds (45 mph)

They’re the fastest dog breed, but also known as couch potatoes. As they chase anything that moves, you need to work on their recall. Learn more about Greyhounds here.

Salukis (40 mph)

They’re originally from Egypt and were used for gazelle hunting. With an instinct to chase, they’re good jogging companions when on a lead.

Vizslas (40 mph)

As a Hungarian hunting dog, Vizslas love being active. They’re bursting with stamina and need several walks a day. Learn more about Hungarian Vizslas here.

Ibizan Hounds (40 mph)

Active and athletic by nature, hunting rabbits is part of their DNA. They also love to jump and climb and have earned the nickname ‘escapologists.’

Afghan Hounds (40 mph)

Originally from Afghanistan, they’re valued for speed and endurance. Their lean body is perfect for agility and luring courses. Learn more about Afghan Hounds here.

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