A long thin-faced dog, with long, black, straight hair - parted down the middle, sits in a green park staring into the distance.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are known as the glamour dogs of the canine world and one of the most ancient breeds in the world.

Want to know more about this glamorous breed? Well, we’ve compiled lots of information about Afghan Hounds with some help from the BorrowMyDoggy community.

What is an Afghan Hound?

Afghan Hounds are a very recognisable breed, with their elegant but striking looks. These sighthounds were originally bred to hunt in the mountains, although today are a popular companion dog and are often seen in the show ring. They are a large breed, growing up to 74 cm in height and have an average lifespan of 11-13 years.

How much exercise does an Afghan Hound need?

Afghan Hounds are an energetic breed and need to be given at least two hours of exercise per day. They need to be able to run around, so off lead walks are essential! As well as their daily walks, they need a lot of mental stimulation through games and activities. If they are left to get bored, this can lead to bad behaviour.

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This is Joe, an Afghan Hound member of BorrowMyDoggy

Michael says his Afghan Hound, Joe is:

extremely friendly, lovely character, calm and sensitive.

What about temperament?

The Afghan Hound is not known to be the brightest of breeds, nor the most obedient, although they make up for it with their stunning appearance and temperament. As with most sighthounds, they are very sweet natured and rarely have a bad bone in their body. However, due to their high prey drive, they will chase anything that moves. When it comes to grooming, they are very high maintenance, so this does need to be taken into consideration if you are thinking of welcoming an Afghan Hound into the family.

Abbi describes her Afghan Hound, Troy as:

a daft puppy, thinks he is a little dog, but he is all legs and no brain! he doesn’t like long walks, but needs a good run. He’s happy being made a fuss of and is happy to please.

Are Afghan Hounds easy to train?

As mentioned previously, Afghan Hounds aren’t the smartest of breeds which can make training quite difficult. They are also fairly stubborn and independent, making it extra tricky, so an experienced dog handler is recommended to give you some help.

Andrea’s Afghan Hounds, Ella and Lyla:

love walks and treats. They love to cuddle up to you on the sofa.

A key learning for any large dog will be to not jump up. Check out our Hound Hack for some top tips:

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