Top 5 Dogs For City Living

Size is not the only thing to consider when getting the perfect dog for living in a flat. Check out the five best dog breeds that will be a great fit for city dwellers.


This playful and loyal breed will do well in small spaces. Pugs don’t need lots of exercise, but love to have company. Learn more about Pugs here.

Boston Terriers

They’re fine around different people, so they’re ideal for busy city life. They’re not barkers, unless they sense a threat. Learn more about Boston Terriers here.


Dachshunds will happily explore a city with you. They’re also adaptable to any living space. Learn more about Dachshunds here.


Greyhounds are surprisingly suitable for flat living. Once they have their brisk daily exercise, they’re couch potatoes. Learn more about Greyhounds here.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs adapt to the flat life quite easily. Their laid back attitude won’t wake up the neighbours. Learn more about French Bulldogs here.

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